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Hairdressers and tipping?

Discussion in 'Personal' started by anon1359, Jan 8, 2011.

  1. My hairdresser used to work for a big salon in town, which is where I first went to her. At the salon I always tipped her. She did a great job and I was always pleased with the cut. Now she has left the salon and set up on her own, in her own home. She sent me details that she had moved on as I'd been with her for years. I visited for the first time today. I've always felt uncomfortable about tipping (don't know why, nothing to do with standard of her work) and today it felt really odd. Now she works for herself all the profit goes directly to her and she's not on a basic wage that gets topped up by the tip ... but it's a gesture of thanks for a good job and I've always tipped her in the past. Anyway this time I just stuffed the tip at her and almost fled out the door without the usual friendly chit-chat.
    What would you have done? Tip or not tip and just say thank you?
  2. Why do you tip at all?
    If you're tipping the corporation for which she previously worked, then don't bother any more. If you tip her to show your appreciation for the job she has done, then continue.
    [Me, I hate going to the hairdresser anyway, and wish I really knew the answers for tipping]
  3. bacardibreezer

    bacardibreezer New commenter

    It's hard because once you've tipped you feel obliged to keep doing so. My hairdreser runs a salon with two others, but I still tip him I'm not sure whether or not he finds the process as embarrassing as I do.
  4. 10% rounded up.
  5. I always tip my hair stylist because I really appreciate what she does and always have a lovely 3 hours! Most stylists don't actually get paid by the salons they work for, they rent the chair so their wage is dependent on getting clients in.
  6. You should never tip the owner, never
  7. Why? Is it grossly insulting? If yes .... whoops.
  8. jubilee

    jubilee Star commenter

    I hated tipping my hairdresser and stopped when I worked out that she must be earning more than me!
    If hairdressers are renting chairs in salons, they are effectively self employed, without the full costs of the overheads of having their own salon. They will earning far more than those paid as employees.
    A self-employed hairdresser has worked out the cost of different services and has built in a decent profit. Why give them more? You wouldn't tip someone in a clothes shop that helped you choose an outfit or the instructor at a fitness session or the person who made you a wedding dress because you've already paid for the service in the price quoted!
  9. Good hairdressers are not that easy to come by and are worth tipping, even if they run their own businesses.
  10. I agree suz!
    As for renting their chairs and being self employed....the salon can dictate the prices that the stylist charges based on level of experience/training and in line with their price structure.
  11. Spanakopita

    Spanakopita New commenter

    This whole tipping business is mysterious to me. Who does one tip? And why?
  12. My hairdresser has done my hair for about 10 years now, initially in a salon but now she comes to my home. She recently moved out of town so has to travel a bit further now. My little one and I get our hair done every 6-8 weeks, costing £43/44 and I always give her £50. Worth every penny.
  13. My hairdresser has done my hair for about 10 years now, initially in a salon but now she comes to my home. She recently moved out of town so has to travel a bit further now. My little one and I get our hair done every 6-8 weeks, costing £43/44 and I always give her £50. Worth every penny.
  14. catmother

    catmother Star commenter

    I really don't think I'm about to try this one!
  15. Me neither catmother! Will stick to my 6 weekly visits, as I've seen what happens to my hair when I leave it!
  16. catmother

    catmother Star commenter

    And mine! As for home colouring,forget about that too.
  17. Home colouring? Dirty dirty word!
  18. catmother

    catmother Star commenter

    It's bad enough to be approaching 50 but approaching 50 with a home made hair do doesn't bear thinking about!
  19. flossy-fluffy

    flossy-fluffy New commenter

    Prior to becoming a teacher, I was a hairdresser for 15 years and believe me the tips are very much appreciated. I trained for 4 years on very poor pay and even when qualified, the pay was really not great at all. (I'm sure this varies, bigger named salons paying more I expect) Funnily enough, the worst tippers were the people who had money!
  20. I always tip at the hairdressers, but they have a piggy bank which you can put tips in at your own discretion and it gets shared among all the staff. I have mine cut and coloured there, but will cut my own fringe if it seems to be getting too long in between visits.

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