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Hair Loss

Discussion in 'Health and wellbeing' started by deleted680, Jan 13, 2010.

  1. I haven't yet got any bald patches, but my hair is coming out in clumps when I wash it, and there is also some on the pillow when I get up in the morning.
    I've thought that it may be stress? Any ideas? I've had to have it cut quite short because I was leaving long strands everywhere.
  2. Hi Spikey Pebbles, sorry to hear about this. Hair loss can often be caused by stress, although often the person involved doesn't even realise they are stressed. Sorry to seem nosey, but just wondering if you're on any medication or treatment?
  3. I'm on cinnarazine for vertigo, but apart from that nothing. I think it might be stress, but losing my hair only adds to that!
  4. All over loss, like yours is not very normal - a lot of middle aged women get permanent hair thinning in particular places, but not hair loss.
    Good news - if it's caused by stress, most of the time, it grows back. Each of your hairs has a growing phase, then a resting phase and then a falling out phase. Luckily for us, the "falling out" phase is not (trying to think of a fancy word that means not at the same time, but can't) not at the same time for each hair. A big bout of stress can trigger a lot/all of your hairs to go straight to the falling out phase, after which time it will grow back.
    For many people, a trauma/bereavement can result in hair loss all over the head and an overall much finer look.
    You should also look at your diet - iron stores are essential for hair growth and if yours get low, the first place the body will divert them away from is your hair. Low iron is common (25%) of all women are anaemic. Symptoms include fatigue/breathlessness and palpitations. You can buy iron tablets for this, but I'd get it diagnosed, first.
    Another good hair vitamin is biotin - good quality ones like centrum have it in. You might also be able to get girly ones with more biotin than centrum.
    Make sure you eat a healthy diet and sleep.
    I would go to the GP - get a lady if you can, she will take you seriously. Then that way, if the problem has not resolved itself after a few months (which it should), you get can referred to a trichologist (dunno if the NHS has them, if not you'll get a dermatolgist)
    In the meantime, you can use thickening shampoo and conditioner. Washing and dying your hair will NOT make it worse AT ALL, so feel free to wash as much as you like.
    My sister's hair went a bit thinner when she was really stressed earlier on this year, but it is nice and thick again now.
  5. Just to reiterate - for the vast majority, it is temporary, so don't upset yourself. It's not nice, i know, but chin up, it will pass.
  6. Thanks bunty. I take the spatone liquid for low iron so will continue with that - maybe try upping it to 2 a day.
    I have been very stressed, so it may be that. I'm 29 so I know it's not the middle-aged hair loss thingy. Could just do without it at the moment, feel bad enough without people commenting on it when they see me.
    I'll mention it to the GP when I go for my vertigo check-up. Unfortunately no women GPs left at my practice, but the male one I see for my vertigo is fairly nice.
  7. 2nd try at posting
    spatone is surely dearer than iron tabs - 2 tablets = 3-6 sachets of spatone.
    Deffo worth a flagging up with GP, as people are starting to notice. He may run tests right away.
  8. Yep, spatone is more expensive, but I get constipated with iron tablets.
    I just need someone to put me out of my misery!
  9. It will pass! Your hair will grow back. Maybe a shorter spikier haircut, with a bit of volume may make you feel better. A really reputable hairdresser may be able to help you choose a style.
    Can I be so bold as to ask what got you so stressed 9tell me to butt out, if you like). It would be nice to know that the source of stress has been removed, or at least you have found strategies to cope with it.

  10. if you have chronic iron deficiency, this could be the major cause. Get GP tp do blood test. Also don't forget biotin.
  11. I have a blood test every 6 months for anaemia and it was okay in October, but I'll mention it to the GP.
    I'm stressed because my school is horrible, I've been depressed for a long-time, my sister has borderline personality disorder (and 4 children) and my 5 year-old niece has just had a very serious illness which may or may not return. I was very glad to see the back of 2009 but despite attempting to be more positive, 2010 does not seem to be much better so far. Hence the desire to be put out of my misery!
  12. You poor girl. You have a lot to cope with. Is there any chance of getting another job - or does that sound a lot easier than it actually is?
  13. Unfortunately I teach a non-shortage subject - 4 jobs in the whole of the country advertised this week, and none under a 90 minute commute away. I look all the time. Will try to remain positive and I will make an appointment with the doc next week - need some more of my vertigo pills. I sound like a walking soap opera!

    Thanks so much for your kindness.
  14. You do sound like you having a tough time. I hope you have nice people/partner to look after you.
  15. Have you had your thyroid function tested? My hair fell out in tufts before I started taking Thyroxine.
  16. How about a non-teaching job?
  17. Had thyroid tested about this time last year when I first started with the shakes and depression etc. Doc said it was normal. I'll ask him to check again.
    As for a non-teaching job, I would but I have no idea what and I need to make nearly the same as UPS1 as I have a mortgage and I'm on my own so no-one else to pick up the slack.
  18. There isn't much out there for ex-teachers that pays anything like, it's true.
  19. No, and I wonder if the stress of a new job would be as bad as the stress of this one anyway. Felt **** before the hair loss, it just makes it worse. To be honest I've ignored it for a while but I can't now that it's noticeable. Just brushed it after a shower and there is more hair tangled in the brush than is on my head!
  20. Samjam1

    Samjam1 New commenter

    I sympathise. I think my hair is falling out too - not on the pillow or anything, but brush always got loads in, and always quite a few strands on jumpers. I'm trying not to think about it, but as you say - it's hard to try not to think about the thing that thinking about might make that thing worse isn't it?!
    My hair's quite long at the moment, but when it seemed to be falling out a few years ago, I got it cut quite short in a bob, and it seemed to get thick again for quite a long time. Also, don't dye it if you do, even at the hairdresser, cos I'm convinced that mine has started falling out since I had it highlighted.Also, it might be more apparent to you than others - like a spot that feels enormous or something. OH is adamant he doesn't know what I'm talking about and thinks hair looks perfectly alright!

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