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Had enough....

Discussion in 'Workplace dilemmas' started by Presleygirl, Jan 13, 2019.

  1. serenitypolly41

    serenitypolly41 Occasional commenter

    Hi presleygirl

    Wishing you all the best because I wont be on here any longer.

    Message me if you wish to.
  2. Presleygirl

    Presleygirl Occasional commenter

    Hi there I can’t seem to get the hang of messaging here but I’m here if you fancy a chat too
  3. serenitypolly41

    serenitypolly41 Occasional commenter

    If you click on my username and press start a conversation it should work. If you want to keep in touch of course. I'm aware things are hard for you.
  4. Presleygirl

    Presleygirl Occasional commenter

    Let’s see I’m absolutely shattered. Head is foggy fit note runs out on the 18 th February. Situation is still the same. I’m lacking motivation, I’m fine when I’m sorting out my family etc but me. Not so, I’m doing the wear bright colours, put on my face etc but not feeling it. Told my friend has 2-4 weeks to live. Registered to donate blood but even that is weeks away and I’m terrified of that. Was hopeing I could do sooner so at least I’d done something to help.

    I’ve lost all confidence and don’t know how to build it up
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    ROSIEGIRL Lead commenter

    Just one thing to do @Presleygirl - go back to your GP or at least get your note extended (sometimes you can do it by phone call, if the GP agrees and doesn't actually need to see you again).

    You don't sound ready at all, so it's more of the same I'm afraid - rest, gentle activity and time.

    I'm so sorry to hear about your friend.
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  6. Presleygirl

    Presleygirl Occasional commenter

    Thank you rosiegirl x let’s see I’m not going back to hell, I’m out properly with my head held high.
    I gave blood too this week so if nothing else that’s a mega achievement I’m very needle phobic.
    Now trying to think what I want...... i know what I don’t.
    Hard as feel in limbo abit I’d always preferred permanent posts but ...... once burnt twice shy

    Thank you for being a lifeline for me......... I will post to let u know how I am.

    The hell place made me lose faith in me, my ability but they forced me to look at me .. and being ill has given me time off with dying friend and time for being a mum taking my little one to school. So hell whole thank you ......

    Only thing I need to decide is collect things or say no! Enough
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  7. grumpydogwoman

    grumpydogwoman Star commenter

    Knowing what you don't want is even better than setting your sights on something that might not come to pass and just be a source of disappointment.

    Be guided by your "up with this I shall not put" instincts.

    We evolve. Maybe permanent posts were just the ticket at one time. But not so much now. Maybe. Allow yourself to adapt.

    Being a good (enough) mum and giving blood? That's a helluva lot more than many can manage.

    Collect things or not collect?
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  8. Presleygirl

    Presleygirl Occasional commenter

    I’m not collecting the things just things have told staff to keep a mog, pass on my favourite one to a ex colleague. Rest of the things be given to the new teacher or one of staff who was helpful.

    I didn’t see how returning will help at all..... I’m posting the name badge with no name and the keys. That’s all I need to do.

    To be honest the time out has left me to evaluate loads. Side affect is my confidence is dented but .......... I know it’s not me deep down. I just was the person in the wrong place. I didn’t get them into special measures, I didn’t have a lack of common decency, I did my very best and didn’t fight the system because I chose not to. I am sad that it endnd as it did however ........ I am me and if they didn’t see what I could bring and offer there loss.

    Thank you for being here for me. I just now need to find my tribe and see what I can do...... hopefully. Teaching if not so be it....... new dawning.
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