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Habitat and Interview Ideas

Discussion in 'NQTs and new teachers' started by charlielou3, Jun 24, 2011.

  1. Hi. I have an interview on Monday and have to teach a mixed year 3/4 class on something based on habitats. Does anyone have some really good creative ideas? This will be for my first teaching post and I really want to get this job. I have one idea, I would show the children different habitats and then get them to choose one and design an animal/plant that is perfectly suited to living in that habitat. I would get them to draw the animal/plant and annotate it. Do you think that it would work? Any advice and feedback would be very appreciated. Also if anyone has any hints and tips for a successful interview. Thanks
  2. Learning objective?
    If you really want to get the job then I suggest you start thinking of one.
  3. The learning objective for that lesson would be 'To know that plants and animals need different conditions to survive.
  4. If I?m honest I think its too complicated. I think perhaps you could enlarge photos of different habitats like you said. Make sure they are simple. Then I would laminate some pictures of animals. Discuss the environments and the conditions. Ask the children what animals they can see and what qualities/features they have. Ask the children to move the animal to which environment they are suited to and explain why.
    Then for an activity I would get the children to draw another animal that would fit into a given environment.
    Ask the higher ability to write about why they have selected that animal and why they may suit the environment.
    During these short lessons you have very little time, so making things simple but teaching enthusiastically will probably be your best bet.
  5. Middlemarch

    Middlemarch Star commenter

    As you've posted this up on several forums, I've pasted here my response on the professional development version:
    I see you haven't even considered your learning objective, which should come first
    before any thought of your activity. Nor have you indicated how much
    time you have - is it a full hour - or 15/20/30 mins, as is common for
    interview lessons?
    My personal view is that it's too vague -
    'showing' them habitats and expecting them to identify features common
    to a specific animal (even a made-up one) isn't likely to elicit
    understanding of what kinds of creatures might live there unless you
    direct very heavily.
    As I said, begin with a LO - what. exactly, would you like them to learn/understand by the end of your session? What will you teach them and how? What kind of activity is likely to lead to achievement of your LO?

  6. For my interview I took two big boxes one had desert related objects the other had rainforest. There was a clue on top of each box to its contents. Once the children had worked out the rainforest and desert topic they could choose which one they wanted to look in. Each box contained various items that they could, touck, look at and smell each with a fact. After we had thought about the particular habitat the children acted out what it might be like to live there.

    I got the job!

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