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gym---role play

Discussion in 'Early Years' started by princess_Kat, Sep 22, 2008.

  1. our topic is looking after our bodies and being healthy at the mo. We have done a healthy eating cafe role play and a shop I really want to do a gym role play cos my class are all really active. It is goin to hav to be inside cos we do not have our own outdoor area...any ideas of what can be in there????

    any help will be appreciated

  2. tog


    I think that's a great idea princess-Kat. Check ********** as I'm pretty sure there's a role-play gym pack on there. I'm sure you could make some running machines, weights etc from boxes and tubes in your junk modelling - some gym clothes for dressing up? A reception area for the writing, appts and memberships etc. A personal trainer with charts to fill out. (My gym's got a nice bar but not sure you'd want that in your role-play!) You really could do with a gym nearby that would let your children visit and look around. Can you "borrow" some PE mats to mark out the area as it's the sort of roleplay that could 'spread' everywhere. I bet there's someone in the staffroom who's got an exercise bike they don't use anymore/never used/might use one day..... Some gym bags, water bottles, head phones etc as props would be good.

    That any help? Might borrow your idea now I'm thinking about it.....
  3. wow....tog thanx got me thinking now!! I feel more inspired...so thank you so much!!!

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