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Gutting yet another classroom?!

Discussion in 'Primary' started by NQT1986, Jul 24, 2010.

  1. NQT1986

    NQT1986 Occasional commenter

    I've just worked out that I'm now moving into my seventh classroom in eleven years and yet again am spending the holidays...

    Peeling off crappy old stickers (which are horrible to get off!) from trays and re-labelling them with nice labels covered with tacky back. Ditto peg labels.

    Clearing other people's display boards (did mine BEFORE I departed!). Counted eleven staples (none put in at an angle making it easy to get out!) in one corner of a poster!

    Emptying cupboards that have not been emptied for quite some r
    time-Breakthru' anyone?!

    I'm starting to wonder if there is a systematic long-term plan somewhere where I will have single-handedly done a make-over on every classroom by the time I retire!

    Obviously, I could not do it-but then I'd have to 'love' with it which is really too depressing!

    Anyone else??!
  2. You have my sympathies. I currently have three classrooms in my old room as we are having holes out in walls and huts refurbished. I did most of the moving into my room. I also took out all the staples before leaving and no doubt will go to a new claaroom with stapels left in. I have every year tried to explain to TA's that yes it does matter if they are left in as paper simply put over them, simply tear and looks horrid!
    Very frustrating. I do wonder whether you need a degree to understand the staple principle though.
  3. Tacky back? Is that the sponge stuff that comes in strips? If it is then I have just spent forever trying to get it off every surface in my classroom while cursing the person that brought it in. :(
  4. NQT1986

    NQT1986 Occasional commenter

    Tacky back or sticky backed plastic-same thing. It comes in rolls-just clear with a self-adhesive back and you cut off what you need. Peels off v easily!
  5. I shuttle backwards and forwards between two classrooms depending on the number of children in my class ( one is large and one is medium!). I even moved mid-year once when the other class had an influx of children and needed more space! I am a tidy freak and the previous occupant of my September room wasn't ( to put it mildly) So I left my current room spotless, staples out, trolleys moved and cleared behind, walls stripped and rebacked, the lot. I'm in next Tuesday to sort out my new room. I may be some time, if I'm not back on here by Thursday, will someone please send out a rescue party[​IMG]
  6. im in my fourth room since 2004! Im feeling your pain! twice inherited rooms from people leaving the school who said i'll just leave you everything chuck out what you dont want!!!
  7. Im going into my third year of teaching, and my third classroom. Ive now done exactly as you have described, gutted and thrown out a myriad of stuff from every KS1 classroom in my school. People seem to hoard resources from before I was born! Anything Ive not seen being used since I started teaching is being binned, I have no remorse! It drives me mad that people just collect more and more stuff and shove it in any gap of the classroom. And it drives me even madder when people use furniture just for the sake of it. Ive thrown out all sorts of furniture from my new room and am also moving a couple of tables out to give my class room to breathe (and stop them all developing asthma from the dust!).
    I gutted my classroom before I left, sorted everything out, took all displays down etc just like you so teacher moving to my room has a lovely blank canvas.
    Teachers room im moving into just took everything he wanted then said "Chuck or keep the rest as you see fit" which basically means "Ill let you spend hours sorting through MY junk."
    Grr I definately feel your pain!
  8. Me too!!!! Spent most of last year and year before, tidying, throwing out other peoples 'you might just want this' stuff and completely restructuring the layout of the classroom to make it less cluttered - and yes, I'm moving! I am really glad for the new opportunity and year phase that I've been given, but why don't other people have any consideration for the next teacher moving in! Like you, I have stripped my classroom of all of my things, got rid of tray labels, staples, recovered the display boards ( after having found out what colours my new colleague would like) but my new classroom looks like a large bomb has exploded in the middle of it!!! Only glad that I'm not alone - maybe we should start a crusade for clean, cleared classrooms.[​IMG]
  9. veritytrue

    veritytrue New commenter

    The two very worst classrooms I inherited were both from guys - couldn't believe the sheer wreckage I had to sort out. In the second one I was literally ankle deep in the **** he left behind.
  10. Exactly the same has happened to me! I left my room immaculate, even swapped rooms with the new teacher (who was moving year group) so she could get it sorted and didn't have to come in during the holidays. I've moved schools and I haven't been in yet but I know the room is a tip. Two wall to ceiling cupboards with a note from the previous person saying 'Nobody really knows this stuff is here, so do what you like with it' I opened it and found thousands of pounds worth of resources that have just been left gathering dust. I've also got trays without labels on and a filling cabinet full of worksheets that must have been made before I was born!
  11. Loony tunes

    Loony tunes New commenter

    I went into my new school today to set my classroom up. I'd been told the previous teacher was very organised and to expect her to leave it nice and tidy for me. What I didn't expect was to find the room with absolutely nothing in! All I've been left with is the pupil progress files, a few pen and pencils, some paint and two boxes of maths equipment - that's it! Its a good job I have quite a lot of my own resources! Will have to make friends with the person who controls the money pretty quickly as I've been told we don't have individual class pots of money so not quite sure how it all works to get myself some lovely bits for my room!

  12. I hate staplees too, everyonne commplains and bangs on about me having OCD (I don't - I have CDO - because i had to put it in alphabetical order!) But staples are the curse of every display board.... TA's, Teachers, Volunteers - please take them out!!
  13. inq


    I've just spent 5 hours emptying a TARDIS of a cupboard - some things belonged to a teacher who left before I started 6 years ago. I changed year groups last year and so didn't throw anything away as I didn't know what I'd need.
  14. jillinthebox

    jillinthebox New commenter

    I inherited a classroom where the teacher had an obsession with hoarding glue sticks one year - she must have had about 150 of them in one specific-glue-stick cupboard. At least that was useful hoarding!
    Also had one arm from a skeleton in my cupboard one year - that was interesting to find, till I noticed the school science skelton was somewhat armless around the corner from my room.
  15. Oh! I'm so glad I'm not alone!
    I'm also having the mickey taken out of me for my obsession with removing staples as I take down displays. The display boards in the room I moved into seemed to have never been cleared; many, many layers of paper/borders, Corners of boards have crumbled because they were more staple than board!! But, be warned, I am now taking HUGE tablets for repetitive strain tendonitis in my right arm - does that qualify as a work related injury do you think???[​IMG]
  16. Oh I feel everyone's pain too. I hate taking down displays - that's my job too for tomorrow. I need to vacate my room by next week.
    In my previous school I moved for 4 years on the trot (out of 7). One year I borrowed a trolley from the local supermarket to wheel things down 2 rather long corridors! Was a nightmare.
    I think SMT should make it clear how rooms should be left for other people to take over! (don't know how they would manage to enforce it though, as we all do it in our own time!).
    I seemed to have spent years clearing out other peoples cr ap.
    Happy staple extracting and bin bag filling everyone. Let's hope the weather's bad tomorrow - I hate being in school during the holidays when the weather's nice. That is worse than extracting 2 million staples and 4 layers of backing paper from a mouldy display board.
  17. Waterfin

    Waterfin New commenter

    I'm on the move and made sure that my classroom shelves were cleared (7 binbags of accumulated resources to be recycled that I no longer need and general 'stuff' that I hung on to) before school finished for the hols. I cleared every tray and cupboard and have got everything out of the way of the new teacher by the time we broke up.

    Then I walked into my new classroom on Mon to find that the departing teacher's stuff was still there and that every box and tray seemed to be full of clutter, including a deep tray of every type of line-guide (most of them wonky and unuseable) a pupil trays still with the kids stuff in . I didn't expect it to look anything like I wanted it, but was not happy to spend a good amount of time at the start of my time in school shifting someone elses stuff out of the way so I could then start moving my classroom. And most of the cupboards are still full of stuff that is not mine to sort and leaves me with nowhere to put a lot of my resources.

    Tomorrow will see me back in (hopefully for the last time) to gut and organise the trays how I want them and to label them. I know some people are quite scornful of those who give up time to go in and sort things out in holiday time, but my kids love playing in my classroom and I would rather do it in a half day of the holiday (and my county has a long hol this year compared to normal) than to try and do all these jobs on the training day or after a school day in the new term.
  18. Dear all
    As a TA for 6 years & now NQT who has just gone into her class & started to 'back my boards' I too champion the use of the angled staple. Colour coded pins that match the backing sheets of display work are good too as this limits the wreckage of the board backing. Its the OCD thing again, or are we just visually smart/over sensitive?
    In my previous school & on one of my placements I found scrap store gems which were fantastic as backing paper. 1: vinyl sticky back plastic - just don't take the sticky off or it may never leave the board again! 2: flocked paper similar to the stuff that jewellers use on their display cases. Both are more durable than backing paper and wipe clean, blu tac doesn't leave any sticky marks, they're fairly rip resistant & the stuff looks immaculate for ages.
    They may not come in rolls that would cover the largest boards but if you have small areas that are in constant use, vocabulary walls or target boards, it could be the way to go.
    If you come across either of these on your travels then snap them up.
    As NQT - any hints about clearing out my newly inherited cupboard?
  19. jillinthebox

    jillinthebox New commenter

    I'm blessed with an exceptionally tall husband - there have been years I've dragged him into taking a day off work with the bribe of a bacon sandwich and got him to sort out the display boards for me.. poor guy ended up getting borrowed by half of the school because he can just walk along and reach the top of all the boards anyway!
  20. Depends on what is in the cupboard. When I took over my first room the cupboard was full of folders/resources left by the previous teacher. I left it until Christmas and then cleared out anything that I knew I wasn't going to use before we broke up for that holiday.
    Just moved into my new school and as of tomorrow I will be clearing out the two floor to ceiling cupboards that have accumilated so much stuff over the past 20 years that the previous person worked in the room.

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