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Gutted... Advice?

Discussion in 'Teaching assistants' started by Minnieminxz, Jul 11, 2011.

  1. Hi all,
    I applied for a TA post last week, at my child's school, and was sent an email today saying due to 'strong contenders' I would not be offered an interview. I am totally gutted, as I have been waiting to get back into school work ever since my son was born ( I had a good TA job until then).
    I feel I was misled, I have had a few chats with the head, and she phoned me one day to chat about my past jiob as a TA, and ask about the degree I'm doing, and said she was very enthusiastic about chatting to me, and even said she was hoping I wouldn't apply for any other posts locally until she'd had a chance to interview me! Because of that, I didn't apply for a job going nearby too :(
    I was a TA for 8 years, I help out regularly in my child's class, get involved with the school, have a fair few qualifications under my belt and have almost finished my OU degree.
    I have to say I'm really upset I wasn't even given the chance of an interview, as I have found it hard to apply for other TA jobs locally, as the school finishes/starts earlier or later, so there wouldn't be anyone to take my 5 year old to school.
    I did have a lot of hope for this, and now feel completely discouraged to help out as much as I do.
    The email I recieved was from the new business manager, not the head, so I'm wondering if she did the shortlising, and whether it's worth phoning and asking what let me down? Or would I be making a fool of myself for doing that? Or asking for feedback?
    What would you do?
    Thank you xx

  2. I would phone and ask. I am sure the school would be happy to help. It may be that they were looking for a particular qualification- my school only interviewed NVQ3 or equivalent.
    It may be that they were looking for experience in a particular area (Early Years, SEN etc).
    It may be that your school doesn't employ parents. My school prefers not to risk issues of confidentiality and will not employ parents.
    The only way you will find out is to ask. It is possible that you missed out because the person doing the selecting didn't recognise your name as the helper in their school.
    Don't be disheartened TA job applications often hit the hundreds. Would you consider a child minder or after school provision so that you can extend your search a little further?
  3. Thank you for replying [​IMG]
    The head already knew my past experience, and all of my qualifications, as we'd had a long chat over the phone a fgew weeks ago, and she never stated that they wanted NVQ trained TAs. Also they employ a couple of TAs who are also mums at the school, one who was a helper and has no training, no qualifications or experience, yet employed her without advertising- and I think it's that that stings a bit really!
    I phoned and spoke to the head, she sounded very awkward, but said they'd had such a high number of applicants that they decided only to interview the ones who had cache level 3... she went on to say that I was very welcome to continue to help out in the school ( hmm... I'm okay to use unpaid?!) and when I said that she knew my history, and actively encourged me to apply, saying she was looking forward to intervewing me, she just mumbled a bit. She said if I wanted I could help out for 20 hours a week while doing the Cache couirse, but i can't do that unpaid, the course is expensive, and i work evenings, so wouldn't have time to complete my degree ( which ends next year).
    I considered doing the OU equvalent, but that would mean my Literature degree changes to an Open degree, which doesn't carry as much weight if I ever want to use it for something else, plus it's an extra £700!
    I applied for 2 more local jobs yesterday, both working afternoons until 3.30pm, and had a long chat with a very good friend today, who has a child in my son's class, and she's happy to walk back to mine ( we are 5 mins from the school) with both children and have him for 20 mins till I get home.. if I were to be offered an afternoon TA post[​IMG]
    So I have been able to widen my search a little, but still feel the way it was all handled wasn't very nice, as searching someone out to ask them to apply, and giving such positive encouragement when she knew how much i wanted to work there was a bit misleading.

  4. camis

    camis New commenter

    Yikes - who told you that? I've been told by my local university that it doesn't matter if I have an Open degree or a named degree when I come to apply for PGCE, which I hope stays true as I have already applied for my final course which will lead to an Open degree (meant I could finish six months earlier than if I went for the full Modern Languages degree and therefore apply for PGCE a year earlier!)
  5. I know I might get shot down for this comment but sometimes these are inside jobs. I certainly know of HTs who pay lip service to HR by advertising/interviewing but have already made their decision. The only thing is, if you have a good working relationship with the school, I am sure something will come up and it will work in your favour as they already know you. It may be, as a previous post mentions, that the vacancy was for a specific role so don't give up! [​IMG]
  6. Don't give up helping at the school because now the head will be only too willing to give you a fantastic reference. Also ideal for CV to say you are helping at present. Drop them like a stone once you get the job!
    Open class of OU degree doesn't really matter, it is the module content that employers look at. Nice to have a 'named' degree though when people ask what you have a degree in! Talk to OU advisors on this to confirm. I know several who have gone on to teach with 'Open' degrees (Named OU degrees were only introduced about 12 years ago).
    PS Get used to schools letting you down and breaking promises - it goes on a lot!
  7. I don't know where you are but in my part of the world there are so many people looking for TA jobs that we can afford to be really choosy! The situation I am afraid is only likely to get worse- there are several schools locally who have drastically cut TA hours- and there are a lot of NQTs without jobs who will be applying for TA postsfrom september.
  8. Thank you for the replies!
    I did feel very let down, asking me to postphone applying for other jobs till she had seen me was giving me false hope, and made me feel 'not good enough'. I went for an interview at another school a month or so ago, and the head phoned afterwards to say she was really impressed, and please would I re-apply when they next advertised, and although I was in the final 2 I was pipped to the post by an ex teacher. They re advertised last week, and like a fool I didn't apply after what the head at my child's school said to me!
    But-I saw another local job was advertised, closing date last Monday, and the day I got the email I phoned them, and I had 1 hour to deliver my application form, so I printed it out and ran there!
    This morning I got an email saying I've been shortlisted along with 4 others for an interview on Monday.. fantastic!
    The job is in KS2, but the task they want me to do is with KS1.. so now I'll spend the next day or so working out what to do for 20 mins with the children in ayear group I've never worked with before!
    Wish me luck :)
  9. Good luck!!!
  10. Thank you!
  11. camis

    camis New commenter

    That's great - good luck and hope it goes well.

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