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Guitar Lecturer interview - micro teach advice

Discussion in 'Further Education' started by friendlydave, Aug 30, 2011.

  1. Hi there,

    I have an interview to be a guitar lecturer in a college tomorrow. They have asked me to do a 15 minute micro teach. Usually I would have been all over this as soon as I heard about the interview. However, they are not giving me any information of what I have to deliver until I get there, where I will then be given a certain amount of time to prepare for the lesson. This means I'm pretty limited preparation wise, but I was hoping there might be some good advice out there. If anyone has any helpful tips I would be massively grateful! Also any other teaching interview tips would be great, what should I refresh my knowledge on? I graduated from my music PGCE over a year ago and I'm a little out of practice on the shifts of policy within the education sector.

    Any help at all would be hugely appreciated

  2. What age group is the potential job to teach to?
    I'm assuming that this must be a job for teaching guitar at evening classes/adult ed?
  3. Hi,

    Yeah, that's exactly right. I would be teaching three evenings a week to adults so it age range is basically 16+
  4. Great! So, I'd advise having a good look at the Job Specification to see if there are any hints in there about what the aims/objectives of the sessions you'd be teaching (if you got the job) and try and form your short micro-teach around one of the elements you'd teach in a 'normal' session. The sorts of things I look for in a micro teach are whether the aims & objectives of the session are realistic and tie in with good musical practice. When you do the micro-teach make it really obvious that you're checking on learning and so on. Don't over-plan (common mistake, ime) and be realistic about what you can achieve in the short amount of time you've got.
    I'm sure there's much more but I've had a flat out day enrolling new students and my brain is very woolly. If anything else occurs to me, I'll pop back and add it here [​IMG].
  5. Thanks for your help - good to hear it from someone who observes micro teaches themselves.

    All the best
  6. TCSC47

    TCSC47 Lead commenter

    Good Grief! Interviews just seem to get harder and harder. Make up your lesson on the spot!
    I can only offer sympathy and encouragement, I'm afraid. As poemelectronic says, have a good look at the job description.
    Your interviewers should realise the limitations they are putting you under, so should make appropriate allowances for you. Also remember that an interview is a two way thing. You are deciding if the job is right for you as well.
    Good luck with your carreer.
  7. TCSC47

    TCSC47 Lead commenter

    Just looked at the dates of your post. How did the interview go and did you get the job?

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