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Guilty secret

Discussion in 'Primary' started by ksc6, Jun 9, 2011.

  1. regencyrob don't! I felt really bad when I discovered them like a huge pile of sin!!!
    Thanks for the tips about binning them. I think I will :D Most of the work in their books is just exercises anyway which is nothing really interesting to read back! I will make sure I give books away on the last day of term then which means if parents come back in September querying it then I can say that unclaimed books were all chucked at the end of the year :D
    Thank you all for making me feel less awful about it. Everyone else seems to be keeping up with things like that and I always let my marking slip!! Love the comment about worked with an LSA - I think I might slip a few of those in. It's been so long since they did it the kids won't remember anyway :D
  2. marlin

    marlin Star commenter Forum guide

    You only think this because they keep quiet about unmarked piles of books, worksheets or perhaps another task that you always complete! Even with the best intentions there are busy times when the majority of teachers have to let something slip - none of us are superhuman!
    (Unless you know better [​IMG])
  3. Think about why you mark - not for the parents but for the kids. What will they learn from you retrospectively marking something you can't remember teaching? Use the time saved to either really mark a new piece of work in real detail or award yourself some feet up with a glass of wine. I would echo previous posters - if this is the worst of your teaching crimes, I need to get myself to confession very quickly.
  4. If you think there's achance anyone might want to see them store them in your garage/shed etc but don't send them out, then bin them next year when it doesn't matter :)
  5. I would love for this to be my only workplace sin but I'm sure there are countless others that aren't just so pressing at the moment... If only we could be superhuman - I think the job requires it sometimes!!!
  6. I'm sick of marking and sick of writing reports. I just can't do both. Tomorrow it's whiteboards for maths, a spelling test that they'll mark themselves, art, speaking and listening, reading and loads of PE outside. It's the only way I can survive as I've spent every evening writing reports. Any suggestions for the afternoon if it rains?!
  7. Sillow

    Sillow Lead commenter

    My failsafe is to get them to draw fruit or something similar in chalks or charcoals on black or white paper. Five minutes of showing them how to shade and then it's over to them.
    Good thing is, you can do this several times over the year and then put their work on display to show the improvement and it looks like a valid piece of work!
    (One of my naughty confessions!)
  8. zozo1

    zozo1 New commenter

    I wouldn't feel too bad, I'm working along side someone who is on long term supply covering a maternity leave and I looked through one of her literacy books yesterday to see where they had got to in the lesson before and noticed that she hasn't marked ANYTHING!! She's been here since November. Cue me looking in all the other subject's books and for a large sample of children and she hasn't marked a single piece in any book, not even tick marking. I am so so angry; I stay behind until 6 most nights marking (I'm an NQT, it still takes me a while), and yet she gets paid so much more then me (M4) and does nothing. I always have to plan her lessons too :|
    As for your dilemma, I suggest stamping then with 'marked by supply' ;) that's what I always use when supply has been in and hasn't marked them. Obviously you can't do that for every piece but it'll do for the times you've used a textbook.
  9. We have all our books scrutinised every week so we couldn't get away with not marking them! We get written feedback on them too and have to respond by the next day.
  10. Err... sod it and don't do it again. Find your "politician voice" and say "lessons have been learned". [​IMG]
  11. FenellaF

    FenellaF New commenter

    Roseangle - you're kidding, right? Who has time to scrutinise all the books, and why?
  12. zozo1

    zozo1 New commenter

    That seems exessive, why not every half term? Surely that would be enough to keep you up to date and they can check that you are marking correctly.
  13. nick909

    nick909 Star commenter

    I'd suggest that somebody has too much time on their hands...
  14. Anonymous

    Anonymous New commenter

    That sounds like the Gestapo where you work. How many sudden observations / just dropping in do you get?
  15. bin them, but to stamp them with worked with TA is a little unfair on your TA surely?
  16. Milgod

    Milgod Established commenter

    How can you even consider not marking them? I think you should re-think your career as a teacher if you don't understand the importance of marking these books. The children in your class are being short-changed and will not make sufficient progress if these books are not marked. I might put this thread on mumsnet and see what they have to say about it. I think you should also give the children a little 'I'm sorry' treat to make it up to them.
  17. I think the home schoolers would love a say too!
  18. Do you not think that, seeing as this is so far in the past, that my time would be better spent preparing future lessons and resources for the children as they will get no benefit from these books being marked so retrospectively? I wholeheartedly understand the importance of marking books (hence this post originally) but I'm not sure there is any point when they will never look at the feedback! I would imagine your pals at mumsnet would prefer that too.
    Thank you anyway for your considerate response at this busy time of year. I really feel now that I can continue to remain upbeat while also writing reports, preparing for open evening and the school production, while re-evaluating my entire life plan so that I can leave a job that I've always wanted to do but sadly obviously don't have the time to do to a satisfactory standard.
    I'll also dip into my neverending pot of money to buy them all gifts before I leave to apologise for the disgraceful way in which I have treated them. Perhaps I should buy something for the parents too as I have clearly failed their children in such a horrendous way.
  19. PS: Genuinely thank you everyone else for the support. Sorry to have a moan...
  20. seakay

    seakay New commenter

    I may not be completely certain, but I think Milgod was joking...I think.

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