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Guided Writing Advice

Discussion in 'Primary' started by skt107, Jan 23, 2011.

  1. Hi everyone!
    I would really appreciate some advice! I've got an 'Guided Writing' observation next week. We are doing playscripts at the moment, they will have started planning their playscripts and I want the focus to be 'adding or improving stage directions'. Obviously quite tricky to plan until I know how they've got on the first lesson, but this is my general idea...
    For the input I was thinking of start with an interactive activity where they're acting out the different verbs/adverbs we have collected in guided reading. Then go on to look at a child's work and shared write some stage directions (maybe somehow using a human sentence to show where brackets go etc). Extend HA by using connectives to make them more interesting.
    Main Activity - My general idea is to have LA adding in adverbs for how said, MA using more exciting verbs for stage directions (this tends to be their general weakness!) and HA using connectives to extend them.
    I wanted to do the guided writing group with my LA chn - adverbs - but struggling for ideas! Also, not sure what to focus on in the shared writing in the input - the verbs or the adverbs! Is it too much to look at both do you think?

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