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Guided reading

Discussion in 'Primary' started by courage taker, Jan 16, 2012.

  1. I've secured an interview :). I'm starting to prepare and feeling panicky. I realise I'm so lucky to have got this far. I'm secondary trained and it's for a yr 5/6 class Teacher. Before training I did support work in special needs across the key stages. I am also TESOL trained. I would really like some advice on the interview which involves preparing and delivering a 15 minute guided reading session.
    I have limited experience in this area. the post is come about due to extra funding and involves working with weaker pupils before their stats.
    Tips on guided reading greatly appreciated , I will be provided with the levels of the children in advance. For the moment this is my dream job and I'm prepared to put lots of work to cover any gaps in my knowledge/experience.
    The set of books will be given in advance and level of the children will be given just before the session. I'll have to prepare at the school just before the lesson.
  2. Zoot

    Zoot New commenter

    Hi, I would make sure you have had chance to sit and read the text through thoroughly. I would also prepare by using the APP reading grid so you can decide which strand you want to focus on for the session and then write a list of possible questions. So, for example, if you were reading a chapter from Journey to Jo'burg, where the two children arrived at the house where their mother worked, you could focus on how the children felt at this point. You would be getting the group to focus on their inference skills (inference is AF3) and asking not only how the children felt but finding and quoting evidence from the text to support their answers.
    The guided reading group should all be of a similar ability so this should help you focus on the level of questions you want to ask. I always tell the group what the objective of the guided session is before I start and discuss the text before letting the group reading the section of text independently. Then when they have done this, I ask if there is any unfamiliar vocabulary before I start my questions for the session.
    Hope this helps - I'm sure you will be fine because you're obviously giving this a great deal of thought before your interview.
  3. I agree: if they are Level 3 and above I wouldn't focus on decoding. I would check out the APP grids, and then decide on an assessment focus. There are plenty of documents around the internet that give you sample questions for each AF.
    I tell the children we are focusing on, say AF3, and then ask them to read a section of the text with a focus or question in mind. I always make sure I say, "While you are reading, look for evidence in the text that the boy does not like his teacher" or whatever - it reminds them that I will be asking them to support their answers with clear evidence from the text.
    I then unpick the text with them, focusing all my questioning on that AF. If I have time, I also listen to each child read a couple of lines, but quietly to me as my chair and I travel round the table rather than aloud to the group.
    Depending on the text (and the children) I also quite often have the tricky words they will encounter during the session written out on flashcards to run through at the start.
    Good luck!
  4. Thank you zoot and Elizabeth for your very practical advice and encouragement. Sadly, I didn't get the post. It was given to someone with greater knowledge and experience of primary framework.
    Your posts were however great and I learn't so much from the focused prep.
    The search continues.........
  5. Lara mfl 05

    Lara mfl 05 Star commenter

    Take that on to your next application.

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