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Guided reading schemes

Discussion in 'Primary' started by louisea, Dec 1, 2011.

  1. Hi
    Can anyone suggest a decent guided reading scheme please? We want to add some resources to our current stuff.
    We already have quite a number of 'real' books (mainly KS1) and have a small number of Lighthouse (Pearson publications) which are quite good with teacher notes but we seem to be very bottom heavy towards KS1 and lower KS2.
    Once we have added a scheme we plan to add in some more 'real' texts for Y5/6.
    We use ORT for our main scheme (with Ginn/All Aboard too).
  2. In KS2 we use the Navigator Scheme which the kids love - we also use their max scheme which is aimed at lower achievers.

    We also have literacy world comets for our more able children which are longer novels. The Year 6 books are really good!
  3. Thanks, will look into them.

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