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Guided reading in KS1

Discussion in 'Primary' started by mprimaryz, Jan 7, 2012.

  1. mprimaryz

    mprimaryz New commenter

    Can anyone shed any light on guided reading in KS1. What do you do, what activities can you suggest? Any advice here would be great
  2. Generally I structure a guided read as follows:
    'Walk' through the book, discuss title/author/type of text/clues from the front cover.
    I then pre-teach any tricky phonemes they might come across, and key words. I also have a quick discussion about anything that might hinder their understanding. I tell them what I want them to do if they finish early (Usually draw/write something on a whiteboard)
    I then read the first page, asking them to follow with their finger. During this I model blending a tricky word/reading around it/checking for sense etc. I then ask them to read and I go around the group listening to each child.
    Afterwards we discuss the book.
    We use a planning sheet that focusses on a certain objective from our reading assessment sheet, so I tend to question around this focus and write down childrens responses.

    It works well - the thing I find hard is the discussion afterwards, as there is often one child who is much slower and doesn't finish in the time, and I generally struggle to get them all back engaged with the discussion. Sometimes I just question them individually as they finish instead.
    My other children work on a rota throughout the week - one group do a comprehension task based on their GR from the previous day (usually answering questions in their lit books with a TA), one group read independantly and quietly, another group do a phonics game/activity. I try my best to keep them all quiet but its hard.

    I hope that's of some help. I have fairly able Y2, but with children who are emergent readers I might have caption and picture matching as my guided read, reading instructions they have to follow (hop to the pig) etc.
  3. mprimaryz

    mprimaryz New commenter

    Brilliant, thank you for all of that. It's a big help

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