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Guided Reading - activities for rest of class?

Discussion in 'Primary' started by Lilybett, Nov 13, 2011.

  1. I'd really appreciate if anyone could let me know how they work this.
    My Y3s are pretty chatty and also pretty fussy! :D When I was a supply teacher, I vaguely remember that I had this Y2 class a few times and the class teacher always asked me to do GR. I'd work with one group, the TA with another, and groups that were not being heard reading did independent writing/drawing activities about their shared text. I wish I could remember the kind of thing she had them doing because now I have Y3, I can't believe a Y2 class could be left to get on like this while the teacher works with one group!
    When I was a trainee (mostly with Y5), I used to hear one group and the other groups would be given something to get on with - e.g. comprehension task based on differentiated versions of the same text. But this was extremely time consuming to prepare, and I don't feel like I know Y3 well enough yet to effectively choose and differenriate a text and set a task based on it. My class are also very 'needy' and will queue up at me, repeating my name and poking me lol to ask things like, 'Can I sharpen my pencil?' hehe, so I just can't see them 'cracking on' with something like this while I work with a group.
    One of my mentors (also in Y5) used to take the class to the school library and ask the children to read quietly. Then he'd hear a GR group per week (and I also had one). But last week I had to try filling in one of those 'running records' so I asked my class to read quietly for 5mins and they just couldn't do it! I ended up taking, like, 3 marbles out of the jar!!
    Also, I don't have a TA yet. But they're interviewing for one for me this week! [​IMG]
    So yeah. Would love to hear how you work this? I am anxious to get started with GR asap :) xxx
  2. my children rotate through each activity. 1. independent reading 2. AF focussed questions with teacher 3. independent comprehension activity 4. independent AF activity relate to their book 5. laptop activity (researching questions asked at the start of topic e.g. aztecs)
    I have some cards for the independent AF activity so i tell them which AF and they choose the activity...think i found them on here...try typing in guided reading activities
  3. My children (Y3,4,5,6) rotate through a series of activities too. We do:
    (1) GR with me, focusing on 1 AF per week,
    (2) follow-up task linked to the same AF,
    (3) handwriting
    (4) phoneme spotting.
    I'm going to drop the phoneme spotting though and try and work it so that each group pre-reads the text/chapter they will then GR with me.
    I'm hoping that a pre-read will mean we can focus more on unpicking the text and answering AF related questions. I might even give the pre-read a focus - maybe something like, "Read chapter X and think about why the girl might have chosen to behave as she did".
    It takes a while to get it all running smoothly, and for them to be clear on the expectations for behaviour when they are not working with you. But, persevere and it works out OK in the end. My stock answer for the queue of people is, "Not now, I'm working with a group." They get the message eventually!

  4. minnieminx

    minnieminx New commenter

    Have a look here. I teach year 2 now, but lots of this information would be just as useful to year 3.


    I have to say my year 2s were kept beautifully quiet being allowed to decorate the cover of their reading journal last week! Not sure I can spin it out to two weeks though. Another group in the reading corner also whisper voices if sharing a book. Last group had free choice of literacy activities, but I'm going to restrict that choice a little this week to ensure more useful work. Obviously a group with me as well and the least able 3 readers with TA.

    I say that as well. Or something like 'You'll need to think for yourself what to do, I'm busy with this group now'. I've only been doing GR for a week, but I'm sure they'll get the idea soon...they manage it in maths and literacy!
  5. I have a list of around 40 different activities (varying AFs) which I let the chn choose from 1 day a week. They are expected to choose quickly, write the task number in their book and work independently for 25mins. Each ch has the whole task list printed in small font in the inside cover of their GR book so I can quickly reference the task instructions relating to the numbered task without them having to write it out. I can send you the word document if you like. I set a pre-task and a post task for the two days either side the day of their guided session and they have one free-read day where they can choose any other book (library book, something from the book corner, any other book from home). At the beginning of their guided session, I quickly check their tasks and if they haven't done enough they lose their free read session for that week.
    It seems to work at the moment, although the p/1 level group often bicker / tell tales etc, I make them stay in at lunch if they continually distract me from working with my group. I'm trying to drill the rights / responsibilities to learning aspect of things.

  6. Gosh! How polite you both are! I started off saying things like that but have now adopted Doc Martin's style and just say "Go away". I find it very liberating.

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