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Guided reading activities advice

Discussion in 'Primary' started by Massey118, Aug 30, 2011.

  1. I am still an NQT and this is my first time having a class from september. Getting anxious that im not organised.
    I was wondering what people do for guided reading. I would like a carousel of activities this year with 5 groups.
    Grp 1 - works with teacher (reading and filling diaries)
    Grp 2 - works with TA on up levelling sentences
    Grp 3 - Independent reading
    Grp 4 - Work on reading activity independently (List is in front of diaries)
    Grp - Handwriting.

    Does this sound like what other teachers do? How long do you have for guided reading each day?
    I want to make sure I have it sorted from the start.

  2. Handwriting is not really much use as an independent activity as they can (and will) just use the wrong letter formation unless you have an adult to supervise. Some ideas I use are; give them a HFW and ask them to see how many times they can find it in a book; photocopy a character, write a description or describing words round the picture; do the same with a setting; speech bubbles for them to write what they think a character is saying; list of words to generate and write rhymes for; pointer on a stick to go round classroom reading all the text they can find in pairs; sharing a book with a friend, friend has to think of 2(3/4) questions to ask about the story; illustrate favourite book; design a new book cover. .................................................................................................................................................................................................................................The way that I organise it it with a timetable where they rotate through the activities each day, the groups are coluor coded and the children all know which group they are in so they know what to get on with. I usually set an activity when i work with them which they do the next day, then they read with the TA (bit confused why you have up levelling sentences sure that's a writing activity?) who sets a task for the next day and on their final day they read independently, mine love comics!!
  3. CB123

    CB123 New commenter

    I agree with the previous post, if handwriting is done as an independent task children often just practise bad habits.
    I tend to have 1 session related to spellings. Either writing out the spellings into sentences ( so they know the context as well as hw you spell it), word searches, spelling games.
    We also have children's newspapers so 1 session I let them read the newspapers, which they love
    Another idea I have used is project work. So when we were looking at animals I gave the children a session a week to research, using books from the library and the internet, dinasaurs (as a lot of them were obsessed by them). They then had to make a fact file about the dinasaurs they researched. At the end of the half term all the children shared what they had found out.
  4. I'm a third term NQT in Yr 3. I'm timetabled for just one 50min guided reading lesson per week. I start the lesson with a handwriting 'masterclass' starter as a recap. My TA and I take 2 groups each during the lesson. When the children are not with us they are usually working on a grammar/handwriting task. I find when they are writing for purpose in their handwriting books I am getting better presentation as they look at grammar tasks.
  5. Check out the Highland Literacy Project website - some super, adaptable for all level activities and ideas.
    Also look out for information on book detectives activities. Plenty CFE linked ideas.
  6. HI Massey 118
    Here`s the good advice that maybe you should have had as a student.
    If no one pipes up and keeps pacifying you we will get no where........
    Please, please , please don`t teach sentence/handwriting geography/ psychology/ pontoon/ trigonometry or anything else when its a guided reading session. Instead teach pure beautiful reading with an interest and guidance that befits a pedagogue.
    The carousel message- should be reading activities.......maybe paired/ independent/guided........I even have a comic box group which is very popular.
    PLease forgive...but sometimes i despair and its NOT your fault but the clowns around you.
    Guided reading is valuable- guide their reading and do handwriting and sentence work somewhere else!!
    20 mins each day to the other question-and every day.
    Love ....me
  7. I do something very similiar to you.
    Group 1 - Works with Teacher (me) i look at APP objectives and assess and record.
    Group 2 - Works with TA - she does exactly what I do - record responses
    Group 3 - Task cards (they have a whole selection in classroom and I just say 'Task K' today. Cards ask for different things - choose 4 words to look up in dictionary, write a description of main character, summarise a chapter,...)
    Group 3 - Independent Reading (comics, newspapers, magazines...)
    All worked very well in Year 3. I also visited a year 5 classroom who were also doing the same thing but the pupils made their own task cards at the beginning of the year.

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