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Guidance on skills planning Wales

Discussion in 'Primary' started by missstar1986, Nov 30, 2011.

  1. missstar1986

    missstar1986 New commenter

    I started a post in September on
    supply basis whilst they were looking for a part time member of staff, to cut
    the story short, I was given little planning so that I wasn’t at an advantage when it came
    to applying for the position of part time teacher, anyway I got the job. I am
    now a few months into the post, I have not been given any schemes of work, when
    I ask I’m told yes there are some but I am never given them. I job share with
    the head teacher in FP.

    Our school action plan states
    that skills planning is in place, yet when I ask for the plans I am never given
    a straight answer and not given any planning- to say the least this term has
    been a struggle and I have doubted my ability many times. I am utterly confused
    to how the school does the planning; it seems very different to how I was
    taught using the skills framework document at university 2 years ago. As far as
    I gather from the one science skills document I have been given, my LEA works
    on subject skills ladder and I am told I should use this as my learning
    intention, but what confuses me is where the NC skills framework for 3-19 year
    olds fits into this? I was taught to focus on one skill at a time, but now I am
    told otherwise! I am one utterly confused person right now! If anyone could
    help me I would be extremely grateful.

    I am trying to get any plans that
    the head has for next term so that I can update, amend or whatever but it’s
    like drawing blood from a stone, either there are no plans, yet he tells me
    otherwise, or he stores plans in his head. Please can anyone offer advice for
    good practice, I don’t feel like I am getting the best start to my teaching

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