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Guess the next poster in this thread.

Discussion in 'Entertainment' started by deleted212, Dec 17, 2006.

  1. guinnesspuss

    guinnesspuss Star commenter

    After me perhaps?
  2. rouxx

    rouxx Lead commenter

    Right guinesspuss.

    Not bored today. Guessing Sparklepig.
  3. ShowerGel

    ShowerGel Lead commenter

    Non c'est Gellee
    I dunno why I always want to write in French but only on this thread.
    I'm not going mad. I am mad.
    I guess asnac next.
  4. asnac

    asnac Established commenter

    Salut, Gellee, bien sur c'est moi!

  5. ShowerGel

    ShowerGel Lead commenter

    Bonsoir asnac. Vous etes wrong I'm afraid.

    I guess asnac again on this wonderful 'thank God its all over' fabulous day!:)
    I have been steeped in a quicksand of gloom for 2 horrendous weeks and now it is my favourite month!
    I even got married on Jan 1st to celebrate that its not Christmas for ANOTHER 11 MONTHS:):):):):):)
    asnac likes this.
  6. lizziescat

    lizziescat Star commenter

    ‘Tis I,
    Hello all

    Maybe guinesspuss next?
  7. asnac

    asnac Established commenter

    Congrats Gelly, someone FB'd me a picture of the nuptials. You're one lucky Showergel.

    Anyway, Lizzie next.
    ShowerGel likes this.
  8. ShowerGel

    ShowerGel Lead commenter

    Wrong I'm afraid...
    LOL asnac

    Can't stop laughing.

    Yes, it was a marvelous day and we're still as deliriously happy as we were then.

    What a fantastic husband he has been so thank you Frederick for everything.

    I will let you into a little secret before my guess and that is..!
    Each night he asks me to wear the very dress you see in the wedding photo above and of course I oblige and he always gives me a tiny wink, just as I'm drying the last dish, which is our special code for 'put on your wedding dress now please darling'!
    Always the same love him!!!!!!!

    I guess marlin next
  9. asnac

    asnac Established commenter

    Me again.

    Glad that you and Frederick are now settling into the routines of marriage, it hasn't taken long.

    With me it's the other way round. Mrs A. always tells me what to wear. Saves me having to choose. The getup I wore yesterday is her fave.
    GP next.
  10. lizziescat

    lizziescat Star commenter

    Nope me again.

    Oh dear asnac- I’m just not going to be able to get that image out of my mind today ever :eek:

    Marlin perhaps now
    guinnesspuss and asnac like this.
  11. ShowerGel

    ShowerGel Lead commenter

    Its Gello
    No Lizzie.
    Frederick was jealous when he saw me looking and has gone off in a mood. I will have to placate him but can't say how on here because of the moderators.

    I think asnac next
  12. asnac

    asnac Established commenter

    Yes! Me.

    Oh poor Showergel.

    I can recommend this book to give you hints on getting back on good terms with Fred. Mrs A is happy to lend it to you.

    Gelly again?
  13. ShowerGel

    ShowerGel Lead commenter


    Frederick thought the book wonderful and is ordering a copy as I type (stop nudging me Frederick).
    I cannot thank you enough asnac. You have ruined and saved my marriage in one swoop.
    Thank you for both as I now have that wise book to and am think ing of phoning Woman's Hour to ask if I can have an interview re. the book!

    GP next
    asnac likes this.
  14. guinnesspuss

    guinnesspuss Star commenter

  15. ShowerGel

    ShowerGel Lead commenter

    Whoa I won and you too GP. Well done to us!

    lizziecat next
  16. lizziescat

    lizziescat Star commenter

    Won again Gel:D


    Asnac mebee
  17. ShowerGel

    ShowerGel Lead commenter

    Hmmmmmmm well done Gelly:)

    Sorry lizzie

    I guess asnac next
  18. asnac

    asnac Established commenter

    Quite right, well done.

    Just in from work, excited that the day's over.

    Gel again, I foretell.
  19. ShowerGel

    ShowerGel Lead commenter

    Well done asnac you guessed correctly!

    I guess GP next
  20. zenzuata

    zenzuata New commenter

    Tee hee. Me.

    showergel next ?!

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