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Guaranteed Payscheme Randstad Education

Discussion in 'Supply teaching' started by teacher2b?, Jan 19, 2011.

  1. Hi,

    Has anyone signed up to this?

    What are your experiences of guaranteed supply payschemes.... with supply being a bit iffy at the moment it sounds a bit too good to be true but I know there must be some reasons that the company are offering this!

    Any advice gratefully received!

  2. No, never heard of it. What is it proposing?
  3. You and they agree on a set amount of days you have to work in a week. They can send you anywhere, you can't say no but they will pay you if they don't have work on those days. You on call 7.30 am to 9pm..



    have agreed to place you on our guaranteed work scheme; this
    agreement confirms the fixed</font>

    Variations to your Terms of Engagement {a copy of which is enclosed
    for your information}</font>

    Randstad Education.</font>

    The Variation will apply from &hellip;&hellip;&hellip;&hellip;&hellip;&hellip;&hellip;&hellip;&hellip;&hellip;&hellip;&hellip;&hellip;
    and will expire on&hellip;&hellip;&hellip;&hellip;&hellip;&hellip;&hellip;&hellip;&hellip;&hellip;&hellip;&hellip;&hellip;&hellip;&hellip;...</font>

    The new terms now stated and the Schedule 1 below will supersede any
    relevant terms outlined in the main Terms of Engagement for the
    duration of the variation.</font>

    Either party may terminate this variation and revert to the original
    Terms of Engagement before the anticipated expiry date of the
    variation, by giving not less that one weeks notice in writing to the

    Unless agreed to the contrary in writing, the varied terms will
    revert back to the original Terms of Engagement upon the expiry date
    stated in Paragraph 1 above.</font>

    Any dates not stipulated on the schedule will be subject to the usual
    Terms of Engagement. Please read the above and the Schedule overleaf
    and sign both copies to accept the temporary variation to your Terms
    of Engagement under the terms stated. Please retain one copy for your
    records and return the second copy to us in the envelope provided.</font>


    Guarantee Agreement Schedule x2</font>


    copy of current Terms of Engagement</font>

    Agreement Schedule

    The Teacher will make themselves exclusively available to Randstad
    Education for the purposes of the provision of Teaching Services for
    the duration of the employment and only on the following days and/or
    number of days during each week, during term time only:</font>

    {total number of days or half days to be guaranteed each week},which
    may be amended with reasonable notice and with your agreement to the
    variations, with written confirmation of the terms agreed to be
    varied and date of commencement to be issued within five working

    Randstad Education will indemnify the Teacher of the rate agreed in
    Terms of Engagement against loss of earnings for any Full or Part
    Teaching Day during which no suitable work is available, provided
    always that:</font>

    The Teacher must be available to Randstad Education during the period
    in which this agreement will run.</font>

    The Teacher must be available during the times stated above and
    contactable between 0730 and 2100 hours for the offer of suitable
    positions on the designated telephone number as provided to Randstad
    Education. It is agreed by the Teacher that it is their
    responsibility to ensure Randstad Education is informed in advance of
    any changes to the designated telephone number.</font>

    Should a suitable position offered be rejected, the duration of the
    work offered will be deducted from the guaranteed hours for that

    All sections of the Schedule are fully observed and complied with in
    all respects and Randstad Education is satisfied at its absolute
    discretion that the Terms of Engagement and this Schedule have been
    complied with. Any breach of the Schedule will result in immediate
    termination of the agreement.</font>

    The Teacher hereby acknowledges that no such indemnity payment shall
    be made if there is any breach of the Terms of Engagement or this
    Schedule and in the event of a dispute, any reasonable decision made
    by a Director of Randstad Education shall be final.</font>

    the avoidance of doubt, all other Terms and Conditions contained in
    the main Terms of Engagement will remain the same.</font>

    have read the above and I accept the temporary variation to my Terms
    of Engagement under the terms stated.</font>

    by Worker: ________________________</font>

    Name: ________________________________</font>


    No: __________________________</font>

    be completed by office)</font>

    copy to be kept by Worker and one copy returned to office</font>

  5. You have to be at their beck and call, you have to work only for them, and they can send you anywhere................

    No thanks. I wouldn't touch it.
  6. I was on a guaranteed payscheme 2 years ago with another agency and loved it. I was guaranteed 5 days a week and was offered work in different schools and areas. I am flexible anyway so it did not bother me. My agency did not find me work only once! and I was paid for that day :)) After one year they changed conditions (instead of paying 100% of your daily rate-when they did not find you work, they changed to 80% so I did not sign the contract).
    Hope it helps.
  7. You're obviously very highly thought of, it's a massive risk putting teachers on this contract so agencies only do it for the very best.
    The only problem is that no isn't something you can say, if they have work then you have to agree to it no matter what school or distance . They will still always try to make it as easy as possible though.
  8. So what do they pay?
  9. A pisstake from the king of pisstakers. Steer well clear, scum using the letter of the law to abuse their staff (allegedly)
  10. Basically legalese ******** and a rip-off! DO NOT SIGN THE dubious contract!
    "should a suitable position be rejected..."???????


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