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GTTR Track = 'Stop' post interview

Discussion in 'Thinking of teaching' started by rhysrichardson, Feb 14, 2012.

  1. As the subject states, I had my interview last Monday and since then the GTTR Track has changed to 'Stop' today (8 days) later.

    Is that a good sign or a bad one?

    Anyone else had this happen? I've applied for the ICT PGCE at SMU (Swansea)
  2. Hi,
    This happened to me too when I applied for Anglia Ruskin University.
    I got an interview on the 19th Jan, and two days previous I had a 'stop' on my application.
    It's nothing to worry about - it just gives the university more than the allocated time to make a decision. If the GTTR don't hear anything from the uni in 2 weeks, they automatically put you as unsuccessful. Stop prevents this from happening.
    Hope this helps.
  3. I had the stop applied after my interview though not before, I applied on the 15th of Nov so they should have placed a stop on it before 56 days were up but they flipped it to interview and that happened last week. Why change it to Stop now, why not just say yes or no? I feel like it may hurt my chances at the next uni if they say no but drag their heels about it as the other uni may have filled its places by that time?
  4. GTTR says this:

    Interview timing (app/inst)

    Any idea what on earth that means?
  5. When was your interview?
    I don't think it can be put on stop during the application process, only when you've been offered/had an interview.
    I honestly think that, that is the reason that your application has been put on stop - so they have more time to consider you and to prevent it from automatically rejecting you.
    My application was sent to them on the 20th December, I got an interview on the 22nd December for the 19th January, and obv I already had my interview date so they could then put it on stop.
    Yeah I know what you mean - fortunately I havent been in that situation but yes, if you're waiting too long it can feel like you will miss out. You do have the oppurtunity to withdraw your application from that uni if needs be and you feel they are taking too long. Are you applying for secondary? I dont know when their allocations are made etc... I am applying for Primary and allocations are starting to be confirmed if they havent already, if secondary is the same I'm sure you won't be waiting long!
    If in doubt, give the university a call - they'll be able to tell you. But I'm pretty sure it's just incase they need longer than the 2 weeks to consider you :)
  6. Yeah that was the same reason on my stop - it basically means the interview timing is before allocations have been set - something like that. It was the same reason I was given for my application being on stop.
  7. That's a bit more of a relief then, I'm applying for secondary ICT.

    Haven't seen anyone else on here say their applying to SMU for ICT and I've been trawling facebook public posts for any mention of PGCE

    Starting to think I was the only one :s
  8. Haha I'm sure that's not the case! It's extremely competitive so I'm sure there are more people. It was the same for me at the uni I applied for - didn't find other applicants on here until after I'd been interviewed.
    But honestly don't worry - stop at first makes it sound really frightening but it's a good thing! Hopefully someone whos applied for SMU will see this post and be able to give you more info! I'd give them a call if you feel uneasy about it though :)
    Unis like to take their time considering people, they don't just give straight yes or no's, if only eh?!! Would save the horrible wait! I got rejected after interview for my first choice and am currently awaiting on my second choice, already been told by them that I am being considered further. I've found the longer you wait the better the news, being on stop is good!
    Best of luck with your application.
  9. Likewise :)

    I hope you 2nd one gets you in :)
  10. Hi, Hope you are out of the uncertainty by the 'STOP' now. I am exactly in the same situation. Can you please advise me in this regared....whether it proved a good sign for you or not. Its been 9 days that I had my interview and got the STOP decision after 2 days instead of straight 'yes' or 'no'
  11. For me and Rhys it brought a good outcome, but that isnt always the case.
    Basically they put it on 'stop' so you're not automatically rejected. After 2 weeks if the uni doesnt give the GTTR a response they automatically reject. Stop prevents that from happening, so its certainly a good thing.
    I would consider it a good thing, at least you know they are considering you. But occasionally they may still make you unsuccessful. They are probably just evaluating their places and choosing the most suitable for them. However, if you weren't what they were looking for they would have put it on an unsuccessfull decision ages ago rather than stop.
    Good luck to you.

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