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GTTR glitch?

Discussion in 'Scotland - prospective teachers' started by WeeWhitey, Feb 28, 2011.

  1. Thank goodness I found this forum - was having a bit of a panic attack there when I check GTTR. I even doubted myself that I returned the interview acceptance!
  2. I also have had an e-mail from GTTR changing my application status from 'Interview' to 'Unsuccessful'... Let's hope this is just an error on the system!
  3. Hi guys
    I phoned GTTR this morning, as a lot of you probably did! It's nothing to worry about. They said to phone Strathclyde just to confirm that you are still attending your interview, but she said they would be expecting us as planned.
    They also said that your track staus will NOT change back to interview; the next change will be after interview when they offer you a place or not.
    My nerves cannot take this level of excitement this week!!
    Good luck to all with interviews on Thurs/Fri and see some of you on Friday morning!
  4. I got the same response. That was a bit of unnecessary stress eh!
  5. Yes indeed, my nerves (already frayed) are now completely shattered!!
    When's your interview?
  6. Thanks starmum - I also phoned both GTTR and the university and all is OK. The lady at GTTR did say though that they are now unable to update our status after our interview - the university wil have to give us our decision direct and then we need to phone GTTR to have our forms resubmitted, if obviously we are successful. Seems to have been an admin oversight and we can all rest easy and get on with trying to get through the interview process. My interview is on Thursday afternoon - best of luck to everyone this week and look forward to hearing how you all got on.
  7. Hey all, I decided to phone Strathclyde straight away and they confirmed there was an error. They said that the status should be rectified over the next few days. Heart attack over, phew!
  8. I got another email from GTTR today asking if I wanted my application to be sent back to the previous provider to allow them further time. It said I had to reply within 48 hours. So I replied and am hoping all should now sort itself out and I will get my interview result through GTTR as normal :)
  9. I got that email as well Amanda. I replied to it but I'm just about to phone GTTR and make sure I don't need to do anything else - I don't entirely trust their computer system!
  10. So I got two emails from GTTR. One that I had to reply to, got that on Tuesday, and another today which was an apology essentially.

    Best of luck to everyone, I might see you at 12pm tomorrow!

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