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GTP's/PGCE Where to start??

Discussion in 'Physical education' started by lisa_22, Nov 11, 2005.

  1. Can anyone help me, I want to teach PE and don't know which route is best, I am 22 and finishing my degree and want to take either the PGCE or GTP for PE teaching which would you recommend and why?? Also Where would I even go about finding out about GTP's and Stuff.

  2. Can anyone help me, I want to teach PE and don't know which route is best, I am 22 and finishing my degree and want to take either the PGCE or GTP for PE teaching which would you recommend and why?? Also Where would I even go about finding out about GTP's and Stuff.

  3. i went to my local DRB to find out about GTPS..then wrote letters to schools in the north, asking them to sponsor me for a place...i enclosed a cover letter and a cv to them. One school has taken me on as a teaching assistant (mostly involved in PE) and hopefuly a gtp place in September.
  4. Thank you, I have just registered with the TDA and am lookin g to get in contact with the DRB in Essex this week....I think I will try sending out some CV's but do already work inb a school so I might be lucky and get a position there!
    Thanks you for your reply :)
  5. tricolas

    tricolas New commenter

    Best thing to do is look at www.gttr.ac.uk

    I'm not sure you'd be eligible for a GTP as these are normally given to more 'mature' candidates, i.e. aged 25+ (thats my experience anyway).

    PGCE may be the best route for you then.


  6. Hey ,

    I think GTP is alot better as ya get more hands on experience.. These students are able to hit the ground running , when they get to nqt they are fully competant.

    When we do have PGCE students in my department they tend too display poor skills in classroom management and at times subject knowledge. We tend to get rugby players who can only teach rugby and nothing else , they tend to struggle at my school , as we are a inner city school with very challenging kids , we tend to have more of a reputation on Athletics and Cricket!

    I also think the other bonus being gtp , is the money , ya earn a salary anything from `14k upward to mp1 rate depending on rate.

    Anyhow , happy 2006 and good luck!

    Hint , There are more GTP places for PE in the Midlands and Greater London areas!
  7. Hi,
    I started my gtp last september and its going great!
    I found out through my pgce interview but the best way is to go to your local drb or search your local councils website.
    Universities will also have information on their websites if they offer it.
    Everyone on my course is really enjoying it and most the pgces that we work with wish they had taken our route!

    Good Luck x
  8. They have now dropped the age limit for the GTP so that would not be an inssue. The two main differences are that the GTP you ge 14,000 and the PGCE you get 6,000. Normally with the PCGE there are alot of demands for you to do coaching qualifications and pay for them out of your own pocket but with a GTP obviously te school funds the courses which is a bonus. You do get more freedom with the GTP and the ephasis is very much on the on the job training so there are not alot of assignments. In my opinion the GTP is the better route and I speak with experince of being fast tracked through the GTP and have been a mentor for 3 yrs now, putting 6 pupils through both GTP's and PGCE's. Hope helps
  9. All i know is, if you want to go and teach abroad when you've qualified, you have to have qualified through the PGCE - they won't accept a GTP teacher

    PGCE 1 - 0 GTP!
  10. This information is not entirely true about not being able to teach abroad if got GTP as i am going to Aus in Sept an I did GTP...this is a rumor that is circulating as heard before but I researched thoroughly being making choice. As long a you have QTs and have completed your NQT year.
  11. Hi Jo1980

    Have you really managed to use your GTP in Australia?

    My heart leapt when I read your post: I'm a dual Aussie / British citizen currently doing GTP... I've just been told I can't use it in Aus, which is a nightmare!

    Please could you tell me what state you're working in and how you went about it?

    Any other suggestions around using the GTP in Aus or converting it to a PGCE would be hugely appreciated.

    Many thanks.
  12. Hi Emily...I know it's a while since you posted this but I came across your message whilst trawling through hundreds of debates about GTP vs PGCE. I'm in my 2nd year teaching now and wanting to sod off abroad...Australia/ Canada/ the States/ Outer Mongolia (!? well maybe not that last one). I took the GTP route into teaching...seemed the obvious route for me having worked in education for a while...and am now being told GTP not recognised abroad. Was just wondering what you found out and if you converted it to PGCE...How?

    Thanks in advance.

  13. Hi all

    I have been searching the web looking into GTP teaching in Australia and found your thread. I would be really interested to hear how you eventually got on. I have been teaching 6 years but qualified through a GTP and am looking to move next year... and am getting increasingly worried!!
    Some people seem to think you can teach in independent schools or even do supply (others seem to think not). Any advice or info would be much appreciated. I would love to hear from anyone in Australia currently teaching...or trying to.
  14. Hi Lisa

    I have to agree with those who have commented so far, i did a PGCE and found it focused far to much on the theory being promoted by the university/lecturers who were trying to gain their own PHD's and very little of what i learnt had any relevance to real teaching. They promote the fact that you will gain masters credits but these only count if you complete the masters within three years at the same establishment!
    Also the government is slowly taking the training away from universities and focusing on in school.
    A third and most important point is that jobs are thin on the ground (last year only 53% of PE PGCE students found a placement within the first year!) if you can get a GTP post then in most cases this will lead to permanent employment with the school, a definite plus.

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