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GTP without PGCE - what are the options ????

Discussion in 'Teaching abroad' started by david_tes, Mar 18, 2011.

  1. Apologies if this has already been asked/answered, but I can't seem to find an exact answer on the forum........
    I have been offered GTP (leading to QTS), but like many (c50%??) of GTPs in the UK, this one does not give PGCE.
    I do intened to work abroad at some point in the future (Asia and perhaps the Middle East) and I know some international schools have not heard of GTP - and are only fixated on 'PGCE'.
    So I was hoping to address the PGCE shortfall in another way....
    1) PGCEi (International distance learning PGCE from Nottingham incl. 1 week general teacher training). Involves the dissertation/essay assignments found in a standard PGCE - but absolutely no observations/portfolio building requirement - obviously I get those in the GTP any way.Not worth much on its own because it can't give QTS. However, it is a Professional qualification and gives 60 credits towards Masters. After QTS + PGCEi I would then proceed to Master of Education (distance learning).
    In other words, after about 2.5 years I will have QTS, PGCEi and MEd .... BUT not UK PGCE !
    2) PGCE DL (distance learning via University of Sunderland incl. observations/portfolio).
    PGCEi is a lot cheaper (2900) than PGCE DL (5400) and also less work load, which may be a factor during the 90% teaching workload of a GTP. So at the moment the PGCEi looks good.

    But is there another option I am missing here? Perhaps another PG XXX type certificate run by a UK University. It would have to be online or distance learning or weekend training/residentials because on the GTP I will get no time off ! For instance one poster on this TES forum said something about getting 3 modules towards an MEd >>> PG ???? at only 150 pounds per module - unfortunately details were sketchy.
    Also I am a bit baffled why the one day per week at Uni during the GTP (not sure if its general teacher training or subject methodology) can't go towards PGCE. Maybe because the school don't want to pay for it for their GTP employee? But could I tell the Uni I am willing to pay for this myself ???? Anyone ever done that ?

  2. nemo.

    nemo. Occasional commenter

    Hi why not do a MEd ? Doing a ipgce seems odd and you can't anyway as you have to be overseas! A masters is better value and will negate the issue IMHO. The main reason why schools want pgces is to piggy back on latest trends. You could create a portfolio of evidence that you are following all the latest educational issues like APP etc. A masters could demonstrate that as well
  3. BananaJoe

    BananaJoe New commenter

    Isn't an MEd something you do after your PGCE? It doesn't give you a teaching certificate.
  4. nemo.

    nemo. Occasional commenter

    A GTP has courses/assignments (well at my school at least!) but that goes towards the qts portfolio eh professional standards. It's just GTPs tend to do less "theory" and only get the qts cert. That's the most important thing! An MEd where there is a focus - choose one where you have a choice - can focus on all the aspects of theory in a pgce but in more advanced form.

    It would take a special approach on the cv etc and there will be schools that would bin an application with no pgce but then they bin ipgces as well. When you have 50 applicants for one post it can be silly. subject dependent of course. A history teacher may find it a lot worse than a maths teacher

    One suggestion - call a couple of international schools and ask! Or ask a major recruitment firm like search.

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