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Discussion in 'Trainee and student teachers' started by parkerm04, Jan 10, 2011.

  1. Hi new to this site, anyone applied for the Wakefield GTP ??? to start 2011. I think they said you would find out in the first 3 weeks of January.
    Also anyone appling for Bradford closing date February?

    Marie [​IMG]
  2. Hey Hey!
    I applied last year, and the application said we'd find out 3 weeks after the closing date. We all found out 12 weeks after the closing date!
    Don't lose hope!
  3. Thanks for the reply !

    Ok I will stop stressing about it then!

    I have heard it is very competative and not many places so will have to hope ive done enough on the application form.
    Are you on the Wakefield GTP ??
  4. Hello Marie

    I am going to apply for the BNETT course. Have you done your application yet? Which age group are you looking at?

  5. Wow loads of experience! I think it's more about being in the right place at the right time to be honest.
    Someone once said to me that the only thing you can't control is the other applicants. This is so true!
  6. Well it sounds like you have addressed what they asked for. Fingers crossed for you.
    My interview was with em direct but no idea how it went. I'm getting impatient now and dreaming about it.
    I hope the Tda don't scrap all the funding!
  7. Hi Jemma,

    I am struggling to fit all the words in the boxes provided on the application form. Would really like to word process but can't seam to download onto a PDF?? Are you writing or word processing your application ?

  8. Hi Jemma
    Have you filled in your application form yet? I am trying to find out how to word process it but can't?? Are you printing yours off and writing on it . My writing is big and not enough space in the boxes to write it in ?

  9. sorry going mad thought first one hadn't worked ![​IMG]
  10. It won't work as a PDF and loses it's formatting if you copy it into word.
    I wonder if they just want to see your handwriting? Mine is hand written but I am going to write the response to the QTS Standards question in word and add it to the application as an appendix so i can word count and spell check etc.

    Are you applying to the Teach Leeds Consortium or do you have school support already?
    Jem x
  11. I managed to do it! transfered it from a PDF to a word document, couldn't fit it all in with my handwriting ! will handright the front sheets but not school experience or standards question. Am waiting to here if my school will support me due to funding if not am going for Teach Leeds. What about you ??

  12. Hi Marie

    I am going for the general partnership as I have a school to support me.
    I really don't mind though, I wish you could apply for both!

    The standards bit was hard in so few words.

    I ended up handwriting all mine but was a tight squeeze! Sending it off tomorrow. Fingers crossed x

  13. Hi Jemma,

    Good news spoke to my head today, she said they will support me fully if I stay in Foundation stage (but this will limit my options for getting a job). If I decide to go into school, I will need the funding (as they would need to replace me) but she will let me take a secondment for the year incase I don't get a job at the end of it I can go back to my job (Nursery Nurse). I have to decide which option to go for, not sure??? I just really need to do it next year, so want to make the right choice. Good luck to you stay in touch x
  14. Hi, all

    Ive got an interview for Wakefield on 30th of March, includes a 20-30 minute interview, 30 minute English test and a 10 minute presentation to 15 year 4 pupils !!!!!!!!!!!!! ARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR [​IMG]

  15. Marie

    Fab news! I haven't heard anything yet x when did you find out?
    Was it through the post?

    Are you nervous/ excited?

    Jem x
  16. Thanks was in the post this morning! I am confused if anything as my school have said I can do it there but that comes under the Bradford GTP. However I live in Castleford and have heard the Wakefield one is the best. Will be going for it whatever and just see what happens.

  17. I got the same letter this morning, but my interview is a different date. All the other details are the same, so we've 2 months to get prepared!! My school have also said I can do it there, but as you said only Bradford allow you to do it at your own school. I'm applying for 3 providers with Bradford being my first choice but I take whatever I can right now!
  18. Well done ! Where and when is your interview? Wakefield is very competitive and I heard only 7 places this year !!!!

  19. Marie - it's on the 28th at Knottingley. I wonder how many they interview for so few places?? Have you applied anywhere else? My son's teacher did the GTP with Wakefield a few years ago so I'm going to pick his brains, lol.
  20. Hi, yes ive applied for Bradford too. Great let me know what he says, I don't know a lot about Wakefield, I I know Bradford is 4 days in school and 1 day in college (fri) but not sure how it works in Wakefield??

    p.s mines at Knottingley too .

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