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Discussion in 'Trainee and student teachers' started by cazadel, Oct 26, 2009.

  1. Hi
    I am wondering if anyone can give me a little bit of advice.
    I currently work in a secondary school as a cover supervisor and want to do the gtp next year. I haven't yet applied for this as the University that I want to do it at hasn't opened applications.

    In the meantime I applied for the PGCE at the same university. They have just left me a message asking me to give them a call. Here is where I need the help.....

    On reflection the PGCE is not suitable for me, financially. The GTP is definately the route I want to go down and I have been in the process of contacting schools in advance of application and may have a school to support me. Therefore I have a feeling the uni have rang me to offer an interview for the PGCE, but as I now know this is not the route for me what do I do? The GTP I will be applying for is run by the same uni that I applied to for the PGCE, if I was to turn down the interview for the pgce could this affect my chances of getting accepted onto the gtp?Should I be honest and tell then that the GTP is the route I want to pursue? Or should I go for the interview?

    Sorry for waffling would just like some advice from people who understand the system

  2. I have applied for both PGCE and GTP, primary. I too would prefer GTP due to financial consideration. However, I know that competition for GTP is more intense than PGCE. I have been offered a PGCE interview and if offered a place would accept if GTP is not forthcoming. It will be a huge sacrifice but I'm looking beyond that, this is what I have been planning for several years, gaining appropiate qualifications etc so will find a way to manage.
    I suggest you go for the interview, if nothing else it is good experience. The GTP is probably managed by a different 'office' within the Uni so I can't see why it would cause a problem there.Its best to keep all your options open at this stage.
  3. Thanks for that.
    I will more than likely go for the interview I am just a little concerned that if i was to go for the interview and talk about how I really want to do the pgce then also go for the gtp interview(if I am that lucky to get an interview) and it be the same people interviewing. They would then not believe a word I was saying.
  4. If you look on the Prospective Trainee Teacher forum there is a link to possible interview questions - the most likely question will be why do you want to teach. I would only bring up GTP if the issue is raised by the interviewer. I think they must be well aware that people apply for both courses. On my GTP application there was a question asking if I had applied for PGCE and at what University!
    I am still assuming that it is a different department within education that runs th GTP as I had two different addresses for course coordinators.
  5. Thanks for your help susie.
    I will definately go to the interview but heres hoping I am successful with the gtp.

    Thanks again
  6. I'm kind of in the same position. Fortunately the uni I've applied to has got back to me about the GTP first. I'm really thinking of the PGCE as the fallback position because as far as I can see it only has one upside over the GTP - it's accepted in Australia!
  7. So would you reccommend that I go for the pgce interview anyway even though it is definately the gtp route i want to follow? As they are through the uni how do you think this will matter?
  8. Hi
    I am doing the GTP this year. Last year I applied for the PGCE and the GTP with two different bodies. I couldn't really afford to do the PGCE, but more than anything want to be a teacher, so figured I would manage it one way or another. I went to the PGCE interview and they didn't ask me anything about other courses. I was offered the place and phoned and explained that I was waiting to hear if I had a GTP interview, which was financially better for me. They were fine about it, said I should accept their place, but let them know if I got a GTP place and I could then withdraw. I did get offered the GTP and then withdrew my confirmation from the PGCE and also withdrew from the GTP process with the other provider (the attitude with the GTP was that if you got offered any GTP place you should take it and withdraw any pending applications for other bodies, as the competition is so high).
    I was completely honest and there was no problem. On my GTP application I did have to say I had applied for the PGCE too, but this didn't seem a problem. In fact they told me the more I applied for the better, as competition is so fierce.
    Hope this helps.
  9. My advice would the same as Singup. I applied for PGCE and GTP (three different provoders). I was offered a GTP first with one provider but turned it down as the school they wanted me to go to was a 90 minute drive away down the motorway and they refused to work with my school because a previous GTP student had applied to them, accepted the place and then turned it down when they were accepted for the preferred provider. Finalcially trvalleing this far would have meant I was actually better off doing the PGCE!!!! Then I went for PGCE interview with the same provider that I had applied for the GTP. It was my first choice for GTP or PGCE.I was offered a place on PGCE and they said it wasn't a problem that I had applied for GTP and if I got a place to let them know.
    I was offered a place on GTP at the same provider where I was offered a PGCE (and so were a few others on my GTP course). The Uni were fine about it. When I was at the GTP interview one lady was in bits because she had no back up plan and had not applied anywhere else. I don't if she thought she would just get on - she didn't.
    I was told that if you don't apply for more than one they wonder if you are really serious so I think they expect you to be applying for more than one - that is certainly my experience :)
  10. And if your GTP is not recognised, why not converting it into a PGCE at the University of Northampton? This is what I now do! This GTP is just not recognised anywhere but in Enlgand and Wales; and even then, one is at the mercy of the schools ...
  11. welshwizard

    welshwizard Established commenter Forum guide

    Some GTP's do include masters and postgraduate units so they can be built up to a full qualification in future through inset/part time study. Currently the GTP is not recognised in some overseas countries including NZealand, Australia and Canada. The problem with GTP is also that schools will not be fully aware of their budgets until next year so cannot completely guarantee that they will be participating. This means a delay in the final confirmation until often the summer term. At the moment it is unclear whether the PGCE bursay will be restored for next year.
  12. Hey there,
    It is a tricky one, but I think as long as you recognise the benefits of both courses and explain that you understand the differences of the two (without discussing the financial aspect too much) then they will appreciate that you are doing all you can to secure yourself a teaching placement in a very competitive field. At the interview, I would also perhaps explain your dedication and commitment to teaching and explain how you would like to be considered for both courses as you appreciate how they will both help you to gain QTS. Hopefully at least that way, when they realise you've applied for both it won't matter because you've explained why.
  13. I am doing GTP now after a year of applying, the only interview question I had relating to GTP to PGCE was why I was choosing GTP over PGCE for a GTP interview, I focused my answer more on how I learn better by doing rather than just sitting in a lecture hall, I did mention how the salary of a GTP was favourable as I was looking to settle down and buy a property. It assured them of my commitment to the role.
    I would attend the interview anyway as the first interview I attended even though I didn't get the job provided me with more info about GTP which I then used in my second interview for which I got the job. All interview experience is worthwhile and you can always ask them if those interviewers for PGCE are the same as for GTP, if they say they are then point out that you would prefer GTP and you're really looking forward to becoming a teacher and just try to make yourself stand out so that when they do get around to GTP interviews they will remember you
  14. I would also add as a GTP trainee, I gained the first job I applied for (a maternity cover). Then I got the next job I applied for. Then this year I applied for about 8 or 9 jobs and gained 5 interview offers and got the 4th job I was interviewed for (and two of these interviews I withdrew because the school wasn't right for me).
    In our area heads seem to like GTP trainees. Most people I know who have been actively seeking work post-GTP are in post, I can't say the same for all the people I know from the PGCE.
  15. I think you should still go for the interview, cause the GTP is very competitive to get on to for the same reasons you want to get onto it.
    Or increase your chances, by contacting more schools here: www.gtpteachers.co.uk

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