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gtp stoke 2011

Discussion in 'Trainee and student teachers' started by Tessybear11, Feb 16, 2011.

  1. Hi there, I also applied to Stoke... No news for me here either! Not sure how long it will take, the deadline was end of January. Anyone heard anything?
  2. Apparently still shortlisting letters out in the next week/week n half! will get a letter either way. only 18 primary places this year. Have you applied before or anywhere else?
  3. Hey, I have also applied for the GTP and heard nothing back. Really worried to hear there is only 18 places....Oh no!!!!! Do you think many apply because the GTP generally isn't as well known as PGCE's....
  4. Hi, I got confirmation this morning that I have an interview for the Stoke GTP. I had rang previously in the week to be told by the secretary that all acceptance letters would be sent out by Friday (yesterday), plus they had had approx 180 applicants from which 50 are being interviewed! Hope this helps and good luck everyone!
  5. I didn't get an interview and got told that I 'didn't have enough classroom experience' when I phoned to get some feedback.
    I have had five years as a T.A, 18 months as a Cover Supervisor, Taught PHSE for 2 years and have had my own Tutor group.
    I am in the process of arranging with the school an arrangement so that I can have my own English group for next year. Hopefully this will help for 2012.
    I looked into PGCE but couldn't afford it.
    P****d isn't the word!

  6. What a shame you didn't get an interview was it secondary or primary? i have applied for the secondary science now see what comes. I just don't know what they want out of these courses! There seems to be a lot of people with really good exp and not getting on a course. It makes me so mad, all the TDA adverts on the telly teach teach teach! but there are people out there and no places!!! :( at a loss on what to do. Have you looked into the PGCE OPen UNi secondary as you could do that while you work. There are burseries for shortage subjects. This is my plan D!!! Good luck let me know how you all get on.
  7. I too have applied for secondary science, I got a letter yesterday saying I have an interview- So hopefully you will hear soon! (fingers crossed for you)
    It really does seem crazy that people with so much experience are getting turned away- this is something that surely can't be blamed on funding cuts etc??
    It seems to be a lot of hoop jumping to get into teaching... with some potentially great teachers being turned away. It would seem they give with one hand and pull the rug out with the other!
    Good luck to you all!
  8. Hi, I also have an interview on the 15th, for primary! Really excited and nervous all at once... well done to all those who have an interview, and so sorry to those who don't...
  9. I aim to teach Secondary English. I had a look at the OU but it looks as though they don't provide a PGCE English course.
    I'm going to have to wait until next year.
  10. nope i'm still waiting too...know the feeling of going crazy as well just need to know now either way!
  11. Same her, Saturdays post has just arrived too :( Just a thought, does anyone know if their referees have been approached for a reference? That might be some indication...
  12. I got a letter yesterday saying I got on- still in shock, cannot believe it!
    It says on my letter that, now I have progressed, my referees will be approached- assume that will be the same for all?
    Best of luck everyone!
  13. Hi,
    I've been away all weekend, but have just got home to find my letter for primary, so I guess it came on Saturday - and I got in!!! I can't quite believe it, sooo excited, and suddenly terrified!
    Hope your letter comes soon...!
  14. Hi,

    I was wondering if you could help me? I am thinking of applying for the GTP at Stoke this year but I have no idea what to expect from the application and interview process. Plese could you tell me how you got on with these things and how you found the course overall.

  15. I think you're a little late, the GTP interviews have already come and gone for the Stoke GTP for a 2012 place and all the places have been allocated.
    This is the last year of the GTP, but it will be replaced with the Schools Direct version if you want to apply in 2013.

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