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GTP Sept 2010 Herts Uni Hatfield

Discussion in 'Trainee and student teachers' started by Jules111, Apr 29, 2010.

  1. I am delighted to say I have been offered a place on the GTP course at Herts Uni in Hatfield! Anyone else out there planning to go? Also, for those who are currently on or have already done the course, can you recommend how I can prepare. I am expecting it to be full on and want to get as organised as poss over the next few months. Are there any books that I should be reading and how do you suggest I go about getting the second placement? I currently work in Reception with children with special needs and KS1 is my chosen year groups. Thanks :)
  2. Hi, I will also be starting Sept'. I have managed to borrow someones old work folders to see what I am letting myself in for! On face value it dosen't look to bad, theres about 4 folders worth of work. See you September!
  3. Thanks for that. Not as bad as I thought then, assuming the files aren't too thick! Are you doing any prep in advance? Have you sorted your 2nd placement?
  4. Hi,
    I am starting in September too! I will be working in the EYFS at a primary school in Stevenage. My second year group will be KS1.
    I still can't believe I got on, there were so many people at the interviews!
  5. Hi, I'm on the GTP at hertfordshire uni at the moment. It's a lot of work! I've enjoyed it but you feel like you don't stop. I've done mine in a special needs school with 12 weeks in a mainstream. Is there anything you wanted to know?
  6. Hi,
    How often are you set assignments? I have read that they vary between providers with some setting monthly ones and others only setting one or two a term.
    Also how often are you visited from your mentor assigned to you by the university?
  7. Hi, you don't get assignments as such. you get 4 seminar papers to write which are 1500 words each, you present these to your seminar group (5/6 people) fairly informal really.
    You have school tasks which are linked to the university course, these vary...some are linked to observations of you or other teachers, policy, teaching specific things etc.
    Your visiting tutor from the university comes once a half term. They are nothing to worry about, quite useful really as point out what you might need to be doing.

    Hope that helps.
  8. Hi,
    Is there any preparation we can do in advance to make things easier on the course? Books to read etc? I have yet to sort out my second placement. I understand it needs to be in a 'contrasting school'. How do we determine this? Should I be setting this up myself now or after the Uni training days? I don't yet know who will be my mentors. This is the first time the school I work at has gone down the GTP route.
    Thanks for your input. I am really looking forward to starting the course but with 3 children, one will be doing her GCSE's next year and my twin boys will be starting secondary, I know it is going to be challenging!
    I am bound to have other questions nearer the start time!
  9. Hi, the second schoo,l you will find out more about when you start in september, they suggest swapping with someone else on the course.
    As for preparation there is a few bits you could be doing i guess, get practising for your skills tests so you can do them as soon as possible and get them out of the way, do them before christmas as the workload increases after. You could so some reading about the key stages you will be in. There is not much more you can really do before september.
    Once you start keep on top of everything and collect as much evidence as you can for the standards.

  10. Thanks Laura. That is really helpful. How did you find the skills tests? Do they need a lot of prep? It's some considerable time since was in school learning! Should I be collecting for the standards now or, as I assume, not til I start in Sept?
  11. I wouldn't collect anything for the standards yet, as most of it needs to be once you start training, even the pre course experience bit, as they tell you what kind of things on your induction.
    I didn't find the skills tests too bad, just make sure you do the practice ones online, especially for ICT as the layout is very different to your usual microsoft word, excel etc.
    There are some books you can get which are quite good, which are about £7-8 each. I found them quite useful. Reminds me I need to find them and get rid of them.
    Hope that helps.
  12. Congratulations!!
    My top tips would be to get things done as soon as possible- I have my Moderation next week for my GTP with Herts and I'm so glad I got a lot of things done early- in particular Units of Work- start these in your first term as I found these the most time consuming.
    Also make sure you get as involved as possible in school life- I'm Drama so I've constantly been involved in extra-curricular activities but I know some other GTs who are finding this element a struggle.
    As for your Second School Placement so people do a swap with other GTs so it's easy for lesson covering but I didn't have this option so my Professional mentor sorted this out for me at a school she has close links with- made the change very simple- I'm mainstream so my placement was 3 weeks.
    Hope this helps and Good Luck x
  13. Hi
    As you are all currently on the GTP with Herts, can you provide any advice for the interviews and written test? I have mine in March and trying to be as prepared as possible!!
    Thanks x
  14. Hi,
    I'm currently on the Primary GTP. What did you want to know?
    Jem x
  15. What can I expect from the interview, is it as tough as people are saying? I think I am pretty much ok with the written test, as gather they are looking at your grammar, spelling and ability to answer a question.
    Is there anything you would suggest reading up on to make sure you have plenty of knowledge for the interview?
    Having not worked in a school before and being a career changer just want to make sure I don't fall at the last hurdle!!

    Katy xx
  16. Hi,
    Yes the written test is nothing to worry about at all. Just want to ensure you understand what you read and write a well structured response.
    In the individual interview there will be 3 people and each one will question you on a different thing (curriculum knowledge/ knowledge of current educational issues, previous experience, and why you want to teach). You will be asked what makes a good teacher, what qualities you have, why the GTP rather than the other routes etc.
    You will need to know about every child matters (soon to be every child counts), have a good knowledge about the age you want to teach, phonics is quite a big thing at the moment so maybe have a read over some phonics bits and peices.
    Just try to answer all the questions they give and be honest! When asked why the GTP I said I prefer learning through doing and that I needed money whilst I trained as I have a child, and I got on. Try to smile aswell, they complemented me on the fact I had managed to crack a few smiles throughout the interview!
    Anything else just ask.
    Good luck! x
  17. Hi Jem,
    Thanks for the advice and help! It has helped put my mind at rest. I have already been busy reading up on the curriculum, every child matters and read a recent article about the phonics test and use of non words being included. I have also spent some time watching Teachers TV!
    I will remember to smile [​IMG] and try to be as positive as possible! Just hate interviews been so long since I have had one, so will try to envisage it as more of a 'chat'!
    Thanks for the good luck wishes!
    Katy x


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