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GTP Sep12 Start - When to apply for jobs

Discussion in 'Trainee and student teachers' started by Skimsa, Jun 23, 2011.

  1. In September this year I intend to start applying for a GTP place to begin 2012.
    When should I start applying to the schools for a GTP place?
    I'm just aware that Head Teachers may not know their staffing levels until September 2011 at the earliest.
  2. Contact schools as early as possible. In primary particularly, schools don't necessarily have a GTP position available - but they may take on a student if someone good presents themselves. But when a school becomes known for taking on GTP students, they can get inundated with requests - mine had five within one week, after already agreeing to support 4 GTP applications. The earlier you can get into a school and impress the staff with your wonderful enthusiasm and skills, the more likely they are to find a place for you.
  3. Hi Skimsa,

    You need to do it asap. I am in the same boat as yourself, intending to start a GTP in Sept 2012 and I have already found a school that has agreed to support me, yesterday infact, although I have had interest from a few and I have another interview/tour next week so I will still go along and see if I prefer that one but I really liked the headmisstress I met yesterday and she was very relaxed and kind and her school was lovely. She said that she had two places for GTP in 2012 and she had already chosen another boy to support and she said she will support mine too, and offered me voluntary work in the run up to it as well which you will need to get if you are not working within a school, so I guess it seems like now is the time to get on and apply.

    I wrote letters and sent them out to around 16 schools. I know this is alot less than other people- I have seen people on here that have written to 60+ schools but I just wrote a good letter and looked up the schools in my area that accept GTPs which you will find on the TDA website and three headteachers got back to me within the first week inviting me to come in to meet.

    I think you should just look at the schools on the TDA website that are near you or ones that your local provider/uni has used previously and contact them as it is more than likely they will continue with the GTP. Once you have found a school then its onto the next hurdle with the applications and tests for the provider so I think finding the school is the easy part as I am most worried about the tests!
  4. welshwizard

    welshwizard Established commenter Forum guide

    You should start a relationship with schools as advised by the other posters. However the appointment of GTP typically happens Spring-Summer term for a September start.Heads will not know their budgets until February 2012 and their staffing until end of May which is the resignation date for teachers leaving to take up posts elsewhere in September.This affects the school's capacity to train availability of mentors etc.
    Increasingly GTP candidates are gaining classroom experience through vluntary or paid Ta work prior to starting GTP especially in primary schools. The other deadlines you need to be aware of is the EBITT arrangements for applications this varies with each individual provider.
  5. Hi Skimsa
    I'm in the same boat as you. I want to start Sept 2012 and I started applying to schools this Easter. I applyed to 18 schools and got 4 replies back, three saying no and one really enthusiatic one. So enthusiatic that I'm actually going to visit them for two days next week to look around and get to know the staff and site and see if we like each other.
    If I was you I would definately start now as there are only four weeks left of term.
  6. I'm just looking up doing this route in to teaching as well for the 2012 school year, so sorry if this is a silly question, but don't you have to be offered a place by the provider first? Or is it that if you do find a school that says it will support your GTP application, the provider will automatically accept you???
  7. jmayhem

    jmayhem New commenter

    Not quite either. It might vary a bit from place to place but often the training provider will only consider you if you have found a school to support you already. So you need to sort that out pronto.
    Incidentally, I looked into applying to 2 unis and both had application deadlines in December (which was a JOINT application from me and my school) for the following September so the previous poster who suggested schools wouldn't decide whether or not to take you on until Spring/summer is misleading. - They generally have to commit much earlier than that.
    Good luck btw.
  8. No its not a silly question I was really confused at first. The norm is that you first find a school to accept you/support your applicantion- hence why people need to send out these letters to gain support of a school. Once you have done that you then apply to a provider together with the school/or mention on your application which school has agreed to employ you.
    Even if you have the support of the school it doesnt mean the provider will automatically accept you, you then have to pass their tests and interview process so you you be in the situation where you have a supporting school but cannot get onto a course.

    Other providers will find a school for you- they will work with a selection of schools and you just need to apply directly to them and then they place candidates in the school that they think will be suited to them- although this is less common and I think it is normally the primary route that this applies to.

    Hope that has helped!
  9. Thanks for clearing that up! I'm looking to train in a primary school and am up in Yorkshire. I'll make sure to look at the providers' web sites to see which way around they do it.
  10. Definitely look at the providers website. My provider actually helps you to get a school... as in they do all the contact and leg work for you!

    Which was especially helpful, when my original placement fell through - they had signed all the paperwork in November of 2010 but by Feb 2011 when they realised how much their budget was being cut for Sept 2011, they told me they had to regretfully pull out. Which I know was a hard decision for them as I currently work as a full time TA there!

    But my provider has found me another placement - it just meant being observed and interviewed again, and luckily they accepted me. It did take them from beginning of March until end of May before they found me this school though =S

    Good luck, whatever you end up needing to do!!!
  11. Thanks for all the replies guys.
    Letters and CV will be in the post this week.
    Where is it on the TES site that previous GTP placements are? A few of you mentioned this section but I can't find it.

  12. It definitely depends on your provider. Ozarkchick - this might be useful to you. Kirkees has partnership schools that they can place you in if you don't already have a school (has to be in certain LEA's) willing to support you. Bradford is the same - either you find a school or they can assign you to one. Wakefield places you in one of their own schools. You don't have to find your own. So before you get stressed about finding a place, check what your provider's requirements are!
  13. Thanks, Cougarjo; I had a look at all the Yorkshire area providers and it looked like most do help you to find a school. I suppose it couldn't hurt to type up a letter and send out my CV, though.

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