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GTP (Secondary) Interview - Advice please

Discussion in 'Trainee and student teachers' started by katiewest1973, Jan 9, 2011.

  1. I have an interview on 25/1/11 at Derby Uni. I have applied for a GTP in Geography. I will be expected to complete a written task, to ascertain I can communicate clearly in English, and also reflect upon my subject knowledge for teaching. has anyone any ideas what I can expect??
  2. Hi,
    I'm currently doing a GTP in English/secondary and can only advise you to be very aware of all current developments in Education as well as the old favuorites such as the Rose Report and thr Byron report and things such as changes in the 14-19 curriculum and assessment mathods-APPand AFL etc.If you go and show that you are eager to equip yourself with this kind of knowledge,as well as being strong in your own subject area...you will be taken seriously!!
    Good Luck-Be warned-it is super-demanding!!

  3. Hi
    I'm a geography GTP (not at Derby) and I did this at my interview - We were basically given a copy of a TES article (something about a teaching persona IIRC) and we were told we needed to "comment on the article".
    I wasn't very confident at all, and stared at the page for a long time, but it obviously worked out ok! As far as I understand, it's more of a test on your writing, handwriting, spelling, grammar etc.
  4. Hi
    I am currently on a GTP and had to do a written task as well. I would honestly say do not worry about it. We were given an article and asked what our opinion was. It is just to see if you can effectively communicate your opinion.
    The best advice I was given when going to the interview was to listen and nod when the others in your interview are speaking and maybe refer to their answers to show you have been listening. It is massively nerve racking but I am sure you will be great-it is hard to even get an interview so they obviously like something about you!
    As far as subject knowledge is concerned all I can say is we were given a knowledge audit to complete and they wanted people to be honest and be realistic about how they would improve what they didn't know. The interview panel said they weren't looking for trained teachers but people with passion and the right attitude!

    Best of luck.

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