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GTP query

Discussion in 'Teaching assistants' started by geordiepip, Dec 14, 2011.

  1. Hi,
    I have been working as a TA since September and feel I have settled in very well at my school. I made it clear in my interview for the role that I wanted to get on the GTP as soon as possible - and to this end, my headteacher has since offered me to complete this at the school I am currently at, starting in Sept 2012.
    I was delighted until I looked into applying for a university place...
    I have seen that from 2012 intake, funding from the TDA will be withdrawn unless you have a degree at 2:2 or higher (mine is a 3rd - was expecting a 2:2 at uni but father took seriously ill and had almost weekly trips to the other end of the country to help look after him, which clearly adversely affected my studies).
    Now, my dilemma is do I speak to my headteacher and advise that due to the withdrawal of the funding from next year confirm that the school will pay the full costs for my training OR say nothing? When I applied for the role it was clearly stated my academic qualifications and surely as an extremely experienced headteacher they would be aware of the changes in the TDA guidelines? They have not checked this information with me at any stage of the formal offer I was given.
    I am extremely worried by this as dont want to miss this opportunity and I have received such glowing feedback from all staff so far I clearly have made the right impression - and have taken my class on my own many times already (I used to work in Learning & Development, so have already vast knowledge of delivery skills as well as lesson planning etc).
    What should I do???
  2. phatsals

    phatsals Senior commenter

    With the greatest of respect you haven't actually been offered a place on the GTP. Competition is extremely fierce and places are becoming increasingly in short supply. You seem to think it is the responsibility of the HT to ensure you receive Teacher training, but it is entirely yours, the chances of a schools budget being used to train you are pretty slender, (none existant).
    The school offered you a TA post, it is up to you to make the most of it. Look into what financial support will be available and see if you are actually offered a place. You may have to explore other avenues to qualify.
  3. I so agree with phatsals. Just because you want to get on to GTP does not mean to say you will automatically be offered the place. Yes, the headteacher knows of your future aims, but it is certainly not his responsibility to have checked that you have the right qualifiactions for your future role. He employed you as a TA. He would look no further than that. You seem to be a fantastic TA.
    Good luck in whatever hyou decide. You never know in a couple of years the TDA might change theri rules again and this time in your favour.

  4. I am sorry that I 'misunderstood' what you were saying. The first thing you need to do is to speak to the head and ask what options are open to you and the school. Then you will know what is the next step.
  5. Hey guys, correct me if I'm wrong, but I think the funding mentioned (2:2 or 3rd won't get anything) isn't that for a primary PGCE, as gtp's usually get paid on the unqualified teacher scale, i.e £15000???
    But like I said, do correct me (nicely lol) if I'm wrong :)
  6. phatsals

    phatsals Senior commenter

    The key is being accepted on a GTP programme, unfortunately with less than a 2:2 a place is ulikely to be offered. It is more than simply finding a school to train in. I know several who have been offered the school place but not been fortunate enough to secure a GTP place.

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