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GTP (Primary) Nottingham Trent - Still Waiting!

Discussion in 'Trainee and student teachers' started by shick25, Jan 31, 2011.

  1. Hey everyone,
    I had an interview for the Primary GTP 2011 course at the end of November 2010 and i still havent heard anything, has anyone else? We were told that we would know in January but nothing!
    Is anyone aware if the TDA has recieved their budget for GTP places yet?
  2. Hey everyone,
    I had an interview for the Primary GTP 2011 course at the end of November 2010 and i still havent heard anything, has anyone else? We were told that we would know in January but nothing!
    Is anyone aware if the TDA has recieved their budget for GTP places yet?
  3. My partner had his interview at Trent last week, they said they still didnt know about the number of places they could offer. The advice was Dont contact us, we will let you know as soon as we know. They did say they were interviewing about 90 people out of nearly 400 applicants.
    So I guess no news is good news - everyone is in the same boat [​IMG]

  4. Hi,

    I also applied for the GTP and the PGCE also. I had an interview for the PGCE in Dec and still no word and have never heard anything back about the GTP other than there would be interviews in the new year however still nothing. What does make me wonder is if I am successful on the PGCE and not the GTP could I argue the case as the GTP was my first choice as I am a working parent with a mortgage and have a school willing to accept me who have previously had students from NTU. All very frustrating and confusing.

    Ham x
  5. Oh right i didnt realise they were still interviewing, thanks for that :) I can stop expecting to have a letter in the post for now then!
  6. Hi Ham,
    I know it is very frustrating and annoying having to wait to hear. I have a mortgage too hence why i applied for the GTP course. I just want to know yes or no now as i feel im having to put my career on hold for the time being until i know the outcome from my interview.
    Fingers crossed we'll here asap hey!
  7. cupofteacher

    cupofteacher New commenter

    No I don't think you could argue your case if you got onto the PGCE and not GTP. They are 2 very different courses, yes with the same outcome but nevertheless very different. GTP is very sink or swim in my experience, and suits those who have been in schoold for a while, whereas PGCE (I believe) is a lot more theoretical, which allows you to know and research various strategies way in advance on being in a classroom. I think IF they say no to you being on the GTP they would have a reason...It may well be as simple as other candidates were more suited than you.
  8. Have had my thanks but no thanks letter re the GTOP complete with spelling mistakes. I was impressed as you can probably tell.

  9. Hey squirtgem,

    Will ur interview on the 15th be ur 1st or 2nd? I had my interview in November so wudnt think they'd still be interviewing now. Feels like I've been waiting an eternity!

    I haven't given up on hope as yet as I suppose no news is good news. x
  10. Hi, you should be hearing very soon as I rang last week after having my interview in December and have just received an offer letter today, so am estatic to say the least. Hope you get good news soon x x
  11. Well done KittyClaire on getting a place, still no post here so gawd knows. I think the most frustrating thins is the utter lack of clarity, if they are still interviewing people on Tursday how can they be offering places...
    Seems a very odd way of going about things to me, I have interivewed and shortlisted many times in my career and never had to go through such a mess..i know the lack of cliarity about places hampered tihngs, but that aside the process is somewhat flawed. for my mind you interview everyone you shortlisted. make a desicion - contact first choices with offers - if all your first choice take up thier place then everyone else gets rejection letter. If anyone drops out you go back and look at anyone who was close.

    Maybe im just too practicle and sensible [​IMG]

  12. Well done too KittyClaire! What did they say when you rang up? I emailed them two weeks ago and never got a response.
    Hey Kim, ive had no post off NTU either. I completely agree with you about the whole process, its been awful, especially not receiving any contact from the Uni since we had our interviews! The teacher training budget, which they've been waiting for in order to offer places, was announced nearly 2 weeks ago so surely they should have sent the letter out by now. What makes it worse for me is that the organisation i work for has had its budget axed by the Government and therefore my Teaching Assistant post is going and i'm being made redundant. Even more pressure for me now [​IMG]
  13. Hi Shick, sorry your post is going, Not an easy time at all I think i have turned into the reverse of the churchill dog..i shake my head daily at the latest cut that will muck up more than it solves.
    We need to know so we can organise which city we live in, my parter is the one who applied, if he gets in he moves cities, if he doesnt we move cities - so a whole heap of life change either way. my son is at college so we need to sort places - i[​IMG] I keep thinking no news is good news..
    Oh well lost my sanity long ago so just my marbles to loose now [​IMG]
  14. Thank you shick25! Yes I rang last week on the phone number off the NTU website and they said that letters were being typed monday/tuesday 7th and 8th so that I should hear soon.
    I think that if you ring with your candidate number they can look you up on their computer system.
    I agree the wait is tedious. I had my interview 2nd December and they told us that it would be february before we heard anything, so mine has been on time. Not sure why everyone hasn't received letters during same week though.
    Hopefully your teaching assistant experience will stand you in good stead to secure a place.
    Hope you hear good news soon x x
  15. Hi shick25. My interview tomorrow is my 1st!!... I know I can't believe it either as my application was in way back in October and I hadn't heard anything until last week dispite my phone calls to them.
    Well done to those of you that have got places but it makes me worrid now that there are not many places left??
  16. Hey KittyClaire, i ended up calling on Friday and they informed me that they hadnt decided on me and thats why i hadnt heard. However, i've just had a phone call now saying ive been put on the reserve list so that if someone doesnt take a place then ill get on but thats only a maybe and if i was offered a place it could be anytime between now and August...absolutely gutted!
    Good luck for your interview G.

  17. Sorry to hear that Shick, puts you in an imposasible situation.I hope for your sake you get a chance
    still no word our end, seems a ridiculous way of going about things. Will get my partner to ring them if he hasnt got anything through the post today and see whats what. I hope he isnt on a reserve list, as would have to decline a possible place, no way could he give notice on his job, arrange to rent his house, move here all in 2 weeks...
  18. Hi guys, congratulations on getting interviews at Trent and indeed being offered places. I have just been sent a letter to say I am on the reserve list for Derby but have not even had an interview for Trent, or a letter to say "No thank you!" How on earth can they interview some and not others and leave the rest of us hanging in the balance? I just don't get it!!!! hmph!!!
  19. I had my interview on 15th Feb and was originally put on the waiting list, but I had a call from Jenny this week and I have been offered a place!
    Has everyone else heard now or are you still waiting?
  20. Hey Katie,
    Congrats on getting a place! I'm still on reserve list. However, since my interview i have found a school that wish to employ me for my GTP year which is great and i think should put me in a better position. The head teacher called up Trent and informed Jenny that he wanted to have me at his school in September so hopefully that's bumped me up the list! Still got my fingers crossed.

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