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GTP Primary interview advice

Discussion in 'Trainee and student teachers' started by Deans_Body, Jan 23, 2011.

  1. Deans_Body

    Deans_Body New commenter

    great advice thanks, mine is on wednesday at middlesex uni[​IMG]
  2. minimeerkat

    minimeerkat New commenter

    Hi Sarah
    Did you get a place on the GTP at Reading? I received a letter last week saying I have got a place if the funding comes through as they hope. I will be gutted if they take the place back now because they have not been allocated enough money! but I will have to wait and see......

    Hope you got a place too and good luck to anyone still to have their interview.

  3. hi, is there anywhere i can find a list of the QTS Standards, and for that matter learning objectives?
  4. never mind, just finaly engaged my brain and found it on TTRB :)
  5. Hi Minimeerkat,
    No i did not get in at Reading but i did get in at Oxon Bucks (Oxford Brookes). My Reading uni feedback was that, when asked about the role of a primary teacher, i held a too idealised opinion of primary education. I talked too aboout about child centred education and the child in schools and not enough about the wider community in education...i.e. head teachers, department teams, social services, parents etc. Learnt from that mistake and moved on...and got in somewhere else...
    Good luck at Reading and WELL DONE!
  6. Hi
    Hope GTP going well
    I have my interviewat Reading Uni in a few weeks time, my main concern is the national curriculum basically I know nothing about it and am wondering how much I should swot up on it before the interview as there seems so much of it.
    What did you mean by crerative curriculum?



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