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GTP Personal Statement

Discussion in 'Trainee and student teachers' started by corneliuslightfoot, Nov 21, 2011.

  1. HI, i am currently in the process of applying for the cut-throat world of getting on the GTP for 2012. I was hoping any recent graduates or intakes would be able to offer great advice on what to include in the personal statement. I have seen posts before saying don't be too flimsy with 'i love to work with children' etc but that is the basis for my application. I want to make a difference (yes i know i sound naive) and genuinely have thrived at the primary volunteering i have been doing, so how can i get that across without it sounding too cheesy. What are the best examples to involve of my absolute desire to become a teacher? Can any of you help? Cheers again...
  2. The university I work alongside want to see an engaging, interesting and well written personal statement. Have you secured a school for the GTP - if so, I would mention this, as it is a good step forward. Talk about what you have done in school - have you actively got involved with things such as planning meetings with the teacher you work with, extra curricular activities, staff meetings/any TED days? Have you had a range of experiences in schools, across different year groups so you can see the progression across year groups? Are you able to identify your next steps for developing your knowledge and understanding of the role - trainees on the GTP have to be such autonomous learners, where you drive your learning forwards. Teachers need to very reflective and able to respond to coaching and mentoring by colleagues. Are you well organised, good with time management, able to prioritise?Do you have key transferable skills from other jobs? Sorry to throw so many questions in, but they are definitely things to consider :)

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