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GTP or PGCE? Want to do Secondary but have experience in Primary..?

Discussion in 'Thinking of teaching' started by indoubt74, Jul 9, 2011.

  1. Hi everyone,

    My family and I are returning to the UK for good this summer after having spent 6 years living in Spain. I am seriously considering applying for Teacher Training to teach Spanish MFL in Secondary, but I am not sure which route would be best.

    I am a Spanish native, I have been teaching Spanish privately for 6 years mostly to adults, I am TESOL qualified and I have worked as a TA in a Primary school for the past 5 years. I understand that the GTP is highly competitive and that they expect you to have had school experience. Due to having three children & a mortgage I would prefer to do the GTP, rather than the PGCE but, will the fact that I have worked as a PRIMARY TA for the past five years go against me as I want to teach Secondary? Would it count even though it's in the wrong age group? This worries me as I keep reading about how difficult it is to be accepted onto a GTP. Perhaps I should also apply to do a PGCE, it's just the whole financial side of things that worries me about doing a PGCE!

    My husband is a Secondary teacher and when we return, we will be living in a school house, I was thinking that I might ask the Head if I could do some Language Assistant job on a voluntary basis, just to gain some experience, this, however, would not be very much as I would apply to do the PTG in January 2012, so I would only have gained three months worth...?

    What do people think? Would I be wasting my time applying for the GTP as I don't have any real Secondary school experience..? Just teaching adults and in Primary. I would appreciate any suggestions.

    Thank you x
  2. Hi, no you wouldn't be wated your time. With the EBAC language teachers are set to be more in demand. I'd apply for both; if you get a place on a GTP you can withdraw from the PGCE application cycle. Currently there is a bursary for MFL so with a loan etc the funding wouldn't be to disimilar; obviously you have fees to pay with the PGCE but you'll pay them back afterwards.

    As for your school experience it will still stand you in good stead even though it is with younger children; while you are applying try to get some experience with secondary age children.

    Good luck!

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