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GTP observed lesson and interview 7th Jan Help!

Discussion in 'Trainee and student teachers' started by Trendy Art, Dec 31, 2010.

  1. Trendy Art

    Trendy Art Star commenter

    Look at this for interviews - quite useful. http://www.teachernet.gov.uk/teachingandlearning/library/prepforinterviews/
  2. Fabulous I have come up with a good theme for a lesson which covers many areas and i use all resources and encourage independent learning! Thank you so much for your tips about extension tasks and plenaries. These are the parts i am most worried about as i have been in lessons and i know how quickly some pupils finish the tasks set. I am going to do a trial run through on my husband before the day. Anymore tips would be welcome. Plus tips for the interview i'm worried it will be alot of current teaching knowledge and i'm not sure i have enough[​IMG]
  3. I would clue up on the most up to date info on the following key words and know what you think you could do to help them without changing the world - ECM (Every Child Matters); SEAL (social and emotional aspects of learning - although this is becoming a bit outdated); EAL (english as an additional language); SEND (special educational needs and disabilities); Eco schools; differentiation (which is coming back in); Learning and teaching and find out as much as you can about the green paper (although not yet published) as this will affect the whole of schools and reform. Also find a copy from on line of the school's most recent / last OFSTED report and read it - show that you know what their strengths are and weaknesses, then if they ask you a question about what you can bring to the school you could say for example "well I see in your OFSTED report that you were praised for excellent sports and extra curricular - I would love to join in after school classes and support staff and pupils learning this" or "I am keen to support the literacy skills of all pupils, and am happy to support a handwriting club or support the setting up of one" something which you could realistically do and would be happy to do.
  4. Excellent advice. Many thanks. I have just completed a mini course that focuses on EAL/ECM etc. So i shall use that to help me. Thanks.
  5. Fantastic - congratulations. Fingers crossed for uni then

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