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GTP Norfolk

Discussion in 'Trainee and student teachers' started by hardytomkins, Jun 8, 2011.

  1. Hi there,
    I'm doing Drama GTP and I found out a couple of weeks ago where I am to be placed. I guess if you don't hear anything soon at least you know we have our induction on 21st June, they should be able to tell you what's happening then.
  2. Hi
    I'm also doing secondary GTP maths in Norfolk and am also still waiting to hear about my placement school.
  3. Hi Are you all doing it through SNITT? I'm also doing GTP Maths but found out my school about an month ago!! (That said the school hadnt been given my details!)

  4. I am going to be on the GTP primary in Norfolk, and I haven't heard what school I am meant to be. I think they may tell us at our Induction day on the 20th. Do you have an induction day?
  5. I still have not heard, the secondary induction day is 21st June, which isn't that far away. I may call any way and see whats happening if some people have heard. I managed to find a school that i wanted to go to, who wanted to take me on, so maybe that has slowed the process down.
  6. Hi Guys. I am just now contemplating a Primary GTP in Norfolk, starting 2012, and was wondering if anyone had any advice concerning the application procedure/candidate experiences looked for in Norfolk?
  7. Hi,

    I'll be starting the Snitt Primary GTP this September :)

    For me the application was the worst part, I ended up spending at least a week working on my personal statement, keep re-reading it, you want your passion to come across so make sure that it does!
    Don't worry about the interview process, the school I had my interview at was lovely! They were very friendly, the children were lovely and it was nowhere near as scary as I thought. Saying that make sure you are prepared though, I made sure that the lesson I gave to the children was interesting, exciting and they were actively involved. Be creative! Enjoy it :)

    One major influence is experience, I don't know how much you've had but you should try and get plenty during this time. A lot of people say that the GTP is aimed towards older adults who want a career change but that's not true. I'm 21 and graduating from University this summer, I haven't worked as a TA just a volunteer and I still received a place.

    Be positive :) And relax! Good luck x
  8. Well done for getting onto the primary GTP guys. I'm just finishing mine, after an incredible year. I didn't find out what my placement school was until July last year, so don't worry if you don't know where you're going yet. Everyone got sorted last year, and the year before, and will do again this year. The induction day is to disseminate information and give you the opportunity to meet a few of this year's cohort and ask questions, as well as starting to get to know everyone. Good luck to all of you x

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