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GTP London South Bank Uni

Discussion in 'Trainee and student teachers' started by tambb, Feb 3, 2012.

  1. Hey!
    I have an interview next week and was wondering if anyone knows whats it like?
    Many Thanks
  2. What for? I did a Secondary Maths one in December. It was fine. I was on my own so didn't do the group work but I was interviewed by 2 people. Had to do a presentation and wrote a response to two articles. Was really relaxed and I found out the day after that I had been accepted.

  3. Primary, I think its a written paper, maths paper, then group presentation
  4. I had one very recently, haven't heard back yet, but it was a 40 min written task, followed by 40 min maths test (you can use calculator for the 2nd part) and a group discussion and presentation.
    The presentation was just basically planning something as a group for 15 mins while they watched you.
    Take some sandwiches, you get an hour for luch and the Uni cafe is ****, and the nearest sandwich bar or shop is a long walk away.
    All the best. Don't be put off by the staff, they are slightly 'old school' types, and make you feel a bit like you're 12 again.
  5. Was the maths paper hard (thats my weakness!)
  6. No, the maths wasn't hard. Just a few problem solving questions, you know, 'if there are 20 kids and they go on a holiday how much will it cost', etc.
    I hate maths and it wasn't too bad. Only about 15 questions in total.
  7. In December too...maybe they are releasing interview dates now..

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