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GTP interview sunderland

Discussion in 'Trainee and student teachers' started by Jenwiifit, Apr 15, 2012.

  1. Hi
    This will be my 2nd attempt at GTP. I am a teaching assistant at the moment. My last interview was with Northumbria Uni, this one is at Sunderland Uni (primary). Any advice, have an idea what they will ask but a heads up always a bonus.

  2. Hi, I have my first GTP interview at Sunderland uni for primary this week also, and in the same position as a teaching assistant. My interview is on the 18th, is yours? I have no idea what to expect, but have my presentation sorted out.
    Michelle M
  3. Hi Michelle

    My interview is 18th April too at 1pm.

    How long have you been a teaching assistant?

    I tried to find out what resources are available to us on the day for the presentation with no joy.
    Not too concerned about the presentation. Wonder what educational issues will come up, could be anything, have studied all Easter, not easy with a 5 and 7 year old to look after too!
    Feel like I can't do anymore now, this will be my 2nd time of GTP interview experience.

    Good luck

  4. Hi again,
    Yes 1pm for me too.I've been a teaching assistant for ten years now;this day has been a long time coming.I've got two children as well so I know how hard it is to try and jugggle everything, but that's a skill in itself! My children are older-15 and 11. I've been trying to cram too, but like you say there's only so much you can fit in. Just have to try our best.
    Michelle M
  5. hi, i had my interview today. how do you think yours went? everyone at mine ws really young... i think i was the only 'older' person with kids!! my group were quite quiet!! (and young!!)
    i thought the maths was very hard!! quite enjoyed the presentation and interview part though. i have no idea how i did. everyone else seemed to have jobs in schools or were sill at uni!!
  6. Hi, I found the day a lot less formal than I expected, and expected to be fired with lots of questions.Yes, I wish I had brushed up on my maths.I spent so long preparing my presentation, which I was happy with. Was a good experience,keeping my fingers crossed!
  7. Hi Michelle

    Just wondered if you had heard back from Sunderland, I haven't heard either way yet. Do you know how they were contacting us - letter, phone call, email ???

    The suspense is killing me!

    Jen x
  8. I had my interview last Wed and there were a mix of ages, 80 people interviewed! I am still waiting to hear either way. Any ideas if they will phone,email or write?

    I don't feel confident but just want to know now!
    This is 2nd time I have applied, looks like my last chance as funding being pulled for next year.

    Good luck
  9. Hi, it's killing me too!! Letting us know by letter, but I'm keeping an eye on my emails as I didn't expect the interview to come by email- and it did.Like you I just want to know either way now.
  10. Hi, I emailed them last week and they said that they would try to get the letters sent out by the end of the week, so they could arrive on our doorsteps any day. I also checked in the interview about what someone had said regarding there only being two funded places left, and that definitely wasn't the case....they said that no places had been allocated and there were still 30 up for grabs. So hopefully we'll find out this week, although I know of a girl who got on last year and she said it was about six weeks before she heard!
  11. Yes I have just rang them.Brenda isn't in until tomorrow, but woman I did speak to didn't think that letters have been sent out yet.Going to be a looong week!

  12. ah, no way!! i'm sure they said at interview that it would be end of last week we'd find out!!! i'm desperate to know!! just found out i have an interview for a school in newcastle with northumbria uni (even though they didnt shortlist me for their initial interviews!!) however, i would rather get into sunderland... if i find out this week i will know ether to swot up or not!!
    i have to deliver a maths session to ks1 as well as interview... sounds much more formal than the sunderland one.. has anyone else had an interview with a school?
  13. I know, I'm desperate too. It's all I'm thinking about!! have you got a maths lesson planned?
  14. I had to give a maths starter topic 2 years ago for Northumbria Uni, this was to KS1 YR 4.
    Try and find out which class if you can then you can look on the nat curriculum and see what they are actually studying in maths for their age group.

    I made mine dead simple as it was only 15 mins long. I did multiples of 5 and then played fizz buzz.

    Good luck for it. Northumbria will be much more formal, Sunderland was so relaxed, never experienced anything like it before!

    Just waiting to hear hope the letters come out b4 the bank holiday!
    Good luck.
  15. Michelle,

    You heard anything from Sunderland yet? Good news there are 30 places and not 2 as I originally thought!

    Best of luck
    Jen x
  16. Hi Jen,
    Yes I phoned through this evening, there has been problems with the system and therefore letters have not been sent out. However the guy I spoke to who was on a different number, let me know that I was unsuccessful. Nothing wrong with my application or presentation, just that with so many applicants they had to start looking at numeracy and literacy test scores, and I know I could have done better on the maths!He advised I apply again next year. Hey ho, hope you are successful. I would recommend phoning in if you are desperate!!
  17. Hi Michelle,

    Am really surprised you didn't get on as I thought you were fab! Its pretty poor how they have treated us though don't you think. So sorry you didn't get on, my chances are slim then. Going to Wales 2mrw so just guna wait 4 the news especially if its bad!

    My maths was rubbish so don't fancy my chances.
    Best of luck 4 next time.

    All the best, Jen x
  18. was it a guy called steve haswell? i have emailed him today but no reply yet. I think it is poor the way we are being treated too, afterall this is peoples lives and families, not just a place on a course. i am totally not sure what to do for my numeracy lesson. i have to plan 50 mins and deliver the first 15 mins as a starter activity although i am not sure what they mean by that?! i am also not sure if i am expected to find out kids names and write date on board etc or just treat it as if it was my own class half way through the day!!
    anyhoo, i'm sure i'll come up with something, having this to plan for has slightly taken the sting out of not hearing from sunderland.
    i reckon i am unsuccessful as i came out gutted about the maths, i got at least 3 wrong for definate as i didnt answer them!!
  19. Hi Jen, thank you.It's disheartening isn't it.I knew I botched my maths up.I spent so much time on my presentation, so at least next time I know what to brush up on.I'm going to apply for the PGCE too next time, although we'll struggle financially-by the way for anyone interested Sunderland do still have PGCE places.Have a lovely time in Wales, and yes I do think it's a bit shoddy, especially with it being this far into the year to not at least email us if there are problems with getting letters out, but never mind.GTP still running next year though by the looks of things-will be applying to Northumbria and Newcastle too.Northumbria didn't give me an interview this year, as so many people applied they ruled me out for not holding my degree yet-next time that can't be a reason!
  20. Hi, yes it was Steve Haswell.
    As some ideas for numeracy, I work in a year one class at the minute and we've been working on adding on ten and twenty- for more able using that knowledge to say add on 9 and 11 by adding ten then subtracting one adding one, and same applying with twenty. Also we've been looking at 3D shapes.We did a great activity last week with no recording involved.You could do your starter on the carpet with a supply of 3D shapes in a bag-maybe briefly talk about properties of 3D shapes first, then get a child to come to front and feel a shape in the bag- question them as they are feeling as to points, faces etc,see if they can guess the shape OR as an alternative, give a child a 3D shape and get rest of class to question him/her on properties of it, this would give you more of a feel for the ability and confidence of whole class.
    As a main, you could either ask the children to go to their usual numeracy tables or do mixed ability.Give each table a selection of 3D shapes, and select one person from each table to be the runner.As an example, say to the class that they have to take all shapes with a curved edge to you, and they have to be able to tell you the names of each shape. Do a points system to get them excited about it- a point for each table who can do all the things you've asked of them.Carry on doing this-giving them different properties, and on occasion changing the runner for each table. If you have kids playing up, don't be afraid to set a rule that after giving shapes to you all children have to be back in seats, sitting ready for next task and if not a point will be taken off.There's a strong focus on discipline and SEN at the minute, so make sure you show that you are in control of the class, and if there are children with SEN, make sure you see their understanding and that they are included within the group. Just an idea, it may be useful!

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