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GTP interview Stockton - chemistry - Any advice would be greatly appreciated

Discussion in 'Trainee and student teachers' started by DrKee, Jan 1, 2012.

  1. Hi
    I am currently on a GTP course following a chemistry Ph.D and 20yrs + in industry. I am not familiar with the stage 3 selection procedure- I applied directly to my school. It is a pity that you haven?t had teaching observation yet as you will learn a tremendous amount from that. In lieu of that these pointers may be useful:
    1. Be clear what your motivation is for entering teaching- are you not happy in industry?
    2. What can you bring to teaching? (with your experience plenty so take the opportunity to sell yourself)- think about all the experiences that you have had with children up to now, which will compensate for your lack of teaching experience.
    3. What difficulties do you think you will encounter if you are offered a place (total change of culture, financial, workload- this is massive on GTP so be warned..etc)
    4. I was asked to teach a 30 minute slot during my interview but I did have some time beforehand to prepare ( and it was biology)
    5. Be aware of current issues in education
    6. Some scenarios were given to me and I was asked how I would respond in these- these involved safeguarding/child protection so again think about how you might respond.
    Hope that?s of some help and bon chance with the interviews.


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