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Discussion in 'Trainee and student teachers' started by ash08, Mar 10, 2008.

  1. Hi all,

    Just had my GTP Secondary interview today, don't know how it went yet. But for the benefit of those who have got theirs the questions were as follows:

    1) Why do you want to become a teacher? (not always asked first though!!)
    2) My awareness of Inclusion and applying it to my teaching and planning
    3) Subject specific questions (Psychology related)- how I would teach a particular concept
    4) Give qualities of effective/ ineffective teaching
    5) What are the current educational issues?
    6) What qualities do I have as a trainee teacher?
    7) How would you manage bad behaviour?

    Also had to do a 10 min presentation and group interview!!! Group interview was about a hypothetical student and how we as teachers would deal with his sudden change in behaviour. As well as a literacy and numeracy task!!!

    Hope this helps guys!! And lets hope I also get a place!! x
  2. hello

    I have my GTP school interview tomorrow and I am in a slight state of panic as I do not know what questions they will ask. Thank you very much for posting your questions, it has given me something to think about.

    Did you pass your interview?

    Good Luck!
  3. I had my GTP interview a couple of weeks ago and the questions were very similiar. One of the questions they asked me was what did I feel strongly about in Education at the moment and how would I include that in my teaching. It was a question that I wasn't prepared for but was a bit of light bulb moment because I feel very strongly about having industry linked education especially because my main subject is Textiles and I currently work in the textiles industry. The teachers that I have spoken to since say that is quite a good response because its very topical at the moment. I did get accepted on the programme. However I have another GTP interview in 2 weeks with my 1st choice uni and the letter describes a very different type of interview.
    How did you answer question about 'inclusion' etc. I do get nervous when using what I call 'teacher speak'. Thanks
  4. slightly delayed reply guys, but yes i did!!!! have no idea what happens now though :s
  5. o and also i answered the question about inclusion by saying i would use a variety of teaching methods to address every childs needs?!?, i waffled something but they must of liked it as i was accepted!!
  6. Hiya how long after you did your interview did you get informed that you had a place? Just wondering as I have my interview tomorrow! xx
  7. When asked about how you would go about ensuring inclusion the buzzword is differentiation - ie identifying the attainment groups within your class and planning your lessons to secifically cater for each group/every child :)
  8. youandme...we were told that we would get informed by then end of the week. My interview was on a monday and I received a letter offering a placement on the saturday. Some organisation might be quicker or even longer depending on how many interviewees etc etc! Good luck with yours!!
  9. Thank you for your reply after I had my interview they told me that we would be informed after easter. Seems a long time to wait. What did they tell you after your interview on how long it would be before you were informed?

    Thank you x
  10. Dear all,

    I am wondering right now if you think it makes sense for a French PE teacher to apply the GTP program in order to get a trainee cession on how do English people teach and also getting back to a practise I left 10 years ago.
    During the last 10 years I was working as a press officer for different sports'gear companies and I feel like coming back to teaching now because I am about to adopt a child.
    Further on, I would like to teach PE in an international environment (international schools)

    COuld you give me any contact to ask if application to the GTP is still possible for next school year ??

    Hope my last question will find any answer,
  11. jennyjones632

    jennyjones632 New commenter


    Need some help as I'm running out of time trying to cover all the bases - what was your answer to the effective/ineffective teacher question?
    I thought I knew but I'm beginning to doubt my own mind!

  12. jennyjones632

    jennyjones632 New commenter


    wondering if you can point me in the right direction of the issues in DT question - I have to say that I haven't come across anything outstanding for Dt - in my area of work, I know about issues in maths, science, mfl... but not dt.
    The only one I can think of is real life learning...
    if you could help, I'd be grateful,
  13. Hi Jenny,
    Soo sorry for my late reply, I haven't logged on for a while. I had my interview end of March and it was really tough and I've kind of tried to switch off for a while.
    With regards to D&T,I think real life learning is a very good point, CHildren need to relate teaching to areas they know. I had prepped answers such as industrial links to the subject, practical design activies in the classroom to promote inclusion for all learning styles.Lots of tactile learning.
    I was given advice frm a d&T teacher to say topical subjects on educationw ere promoting verbal communication within the classroom and encouraging children to voice their opinion.
    If you can be more specific I will try and be of more help. What subject are you teaching or wanting to teach and what area? x
  14. Hi all, I've got an interview at Bradford College on the 1st of May for the RTP. My letter from the college does not mention anything about a presentation, just an interview with a panel and a short written English piece. It seems the GTP interview seem much more in depth. I'm just panicing a little thinking they may throw me in at the deep end when I get there. Has anyone had a recent interview for the RTP? Many thanks for advice in advance.
  15. I got on the GTP.

    My interview lasted about 3 hours, which consisted of:

    1) A reading exercise (then discuss what we all read)
    2) A written exercise (putting statements in order of importance then choosing one to write a one page essay on)
    3)interview (general questions and answers)

    Easy Peasy
  16. Hi Jennyjones, did you gte a place?? I found I got in 8 weeks after the interview! Hope you were succesful.xx
  17. andrewtoward - what subject was this for? I have my interview next Friday (leaving it a little late I know!) and wondered if they always asked subject specific questions? Mine is for Chemistry. Any help appreciated....
  18. Hey, i know this post was a long time ago, but i have my GTP assessment day on friday. Im so worried about the 'maths' task that i cant relax. How was the maths task for you? is it a sit down maths paper? if so, any pointers would be great on what to expect. i just scraped a C at GCSE level so im worried incase i fluff the maths task and it will go against my application! x

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