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GTP Interview Primary EM Direct

Discussion in 'Trainee and student teachers' started by aimees314, Apr 11, 2012.

  1. Hello, I have an interview next week for the school funded option GTP for primary education.
    Does anybody know what the group activity may be and the in tray task? Any ideas on possible questions and the written test i presume to be maths and English, any advise from anyone?

    Thank you
  2. Hi
    I completed the GTP with EM Direct in 2010 and know it has changed from when I did it. However, I think the interview and selection are still the same. I had to teach a 10minute starer activity to the interview panel (2 adults on the panel) who pretended to be the children. The I had an interview. The group task was to discuss and feedback/present ideas about Ofsted. Think they change the ideas so each group don't discuss the same think. I also had a maths test (which I did very badly in) and an english task which was to read an article and write about it.

    Hope this helps. If you need anymore info please ask.

  3. Hello, thank you for that, that does help. Did you get on the gtp? I am worried about the tests as maths is not my strong point and think that may let me down as it has already on pgce interview.
  4. Hi, thank you yes that does help. I have to talk about a book too. How long did it all last, was it a full day? I have to be there for 8.45, did you have to do some written tasks too? If so where they maths and english tets? I am abit worried about this, as maths is not my best! lol Did yours go well did get on the gtp? Thank you for your help.
  5. The letter said it could be the whole day but we finished at 12. The interview including the book part was 30mins. There was a maths and English test, they were both 30mins as well. I found the maths quite hard -not my strong point either! The English was writing about an article. I was accepted and start in September, but don't know anymore than that yet, maybe after your round of interviews they will sort the schools out!
  6. Well done congratulations, I bet you are very excited. My application is for a school funded place, so hopefully yes once they are all sorted you will know your school. Were are you living, I am Grimsby ut know that EM direct cover a large area.
    What sort of questions were on the maths test? I have been trying to practice but dont want to waste time on the wrong thing.

  7. Hi Aimee

    Wanted to wish you good luck - if you got an interview, you are half-way there. Hope the day goes well for you. Let me know how you got on as I am in the process of applying for the last cut off date, so I might need some help.

  8. Thank you, I am just doing mOre work to prepare at the minute. I will let you know
    , try get your application in ASAP as they don't wait until the deadline. Good luck with it. X

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