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GTP Interview: NW & Lancashire Consortium

Discussion in 'Trainee and student teachers' started by wibblymoo, May 4, 2011.

  1. wibblymoo

    wibblymoo New commenter

    I have my GTP interview on Friday 6th May. It's the third and final stage of the process. I feel pleased to have reached this point. However, I am absolutely bricking it! [​IMG]

    I've devised and practiced to death my ten minute lesson. I have it timed to come in just under ten minutes. I'm still researching what I think they may ask me and also continually brushing up on my subject knowledge. However, I just have this overwhelming sense of doom!
    I'm 34yrs old. I graduated in 1998. I have gained some school experience, but as I need to work full time I haven't been able to place myself in a school regularly. I've been in three schools over a period of about six weeks before Christmas. Since then I've struggled to continue getting placements due to the pressures other schools are under with GCSE assessment, and the fact many don't seem to want to know until they have their budgets for this year.
    I'm just thinking the panel are going to zoom in on all the negatives. Anyone got any advice for me?


  2. Hi, I know this is an old message but I wondered how you got on? Did you get in? I have an interview tomorrow with the Lancashire Consortium for School Direct and I could have practially written your post! Except I'm applying for the primary course.

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