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GTP Interview - Institute of Education

Discussion in 'Trainee and student teachers' started by sscj2, Apr 1, 2011.

  1. Hi rnorth88, I have an interview at ioe next week, I can't think about anything else at the moment. I am really nervous too and would love to hear from anyone who has been through the process before.
  2. Hi, I am applying for the GTP through the IOE.
    I have a school to sponsor and am just finishing off the application.
    Hoping to get an IV with the IOE in March.
    How was it? Any real pitfalls to be aware of?
    What sort of questions were you asked in the IV?
    Were you successful?

    I'm probably jumping the gun a bit as i havent even submitted the application yet, but trying to be as prepared as poss!

  3. Excellent, many thanks for this, really useful.
    I'm male, but i'm not taking that as any advantage {even if it is}, i'm taking the view that I have as much chance as everyone else and give it my all.
    I thought that the group discussion would be like that, they often are. Some people seem to think its quantity of what you say rather than quality.
    I have been practising the skills tests on the TDA website, although these seem to be the tests that one would do to achieve QTS - not sure if you're famaliar with them on the TDA site and how they compare to the tests you do at the IV?
    would you say that the one-to-one was more about current isues in teaching, as opposed to your own philosophy of teaching?

    I haven't applied for PGCE, it's GTP all the way for me.
    btw - it's primary i am going for. Got an excellent school to support {rather fluckily} - the school has great ties with the IoE, so hoping that counts for alot as well.
  4. BTBAM

    BTBAM New commenter

    Sounds similar to me, found a great school entirely fortuitouslyand they have had three years worth of IOE GTs and good links with the IOE! I think that helps, though I don't know how much. I suppose it depends on the candidate!
    Re: tests; I passed the QTS Skills tests first time last month and I failed every single one of the TDA practice maths tests I took. For me, the actual test was much easier than the practice ones. The ones I took at the IOE for my interview were even easier than the QTS Skills test. The maths one was far easier (and the actual Skills test was very easy IMO) and the English one maybe a little bit easier still. Definitely much easier than the practice tests, both of them! Science was brutally difficult though. I didn't revise anything at all for it and I got on so don't fret too much. Really didn't know any of the science questions. Again, it all depends on the individual and your own aptitude for the subjects but I hope that helps.
    Final point; I'd say it was more about your own reasons for teaching. I said that I had terrible teachers when I was at primary school and I remembered how useless and downright nasty and incompetant they were and how I didn't want to be like them. How I wanted to be a part of an environment that isn't motivated by money (I've come from law) and wanted to help people. The good thing is you don't really need to posture as it isn't like you're sitting down with some total *** who wants to know how badly he can screw you over and milk you until you're dry, you're sitting down with someone who wants to know you can be trusted to teach children which is really quite lovely when you think about it.
    I got asked about a current affair that interested me and the only thing I had to offer was 'the idea of Teach First' and I said that just because you're academic it doesn't mean you'll make a good teacher (fairly reasonable point but lacking so much consideration) and that was all we really asked. I got a grilling though, she tried to catch me out on things I'd said about my reasons for wanting to teach and it was quite aggressive. Other people had casual chats, so luck of the draw there!
    Any other questions? When is your interview?
  5. I have an interview for secondary education and am wondering about the written task on 'an aspect of education'. Does anyone know if this will be on a topic they select for us, or whether we are supposed to prepare something?
  6. BTBAM

    BTBAM New commenter

    To be honest, I killed them with my Powerpoint. I stuck it on, and waved my arms wildly and pointed at pictures of children I'd put on there along with some stuff about being a teacher. I just wrote about what I feel about teaching, and spoke about how I felt let down by my teachers. I knew so little about teaching when I applied, I actually feel like cringing when I look back at it. If I could do it again I would do so much of a better presentation!
    So that leads me to think that maybe they are using the presentation not to look for content, but to see how a persons manner is. A lot of teachers I've seen/spoken to about jobs and working, especially experienced ones, speak of 'being able to tell'.
    This year is more competitive so maybe they'll use content of a presentation as a way to judge applications and sift some out. I really don't know.
    Out of my interview group I think about 3 or 4 of us got through. There were around 15 of us.
    In my opinion the people who didn't get through were the bossy/shouty ones during the discussion. I really can't express how irritated I was by silly children talking over each other in an attempt to be the most vocal and therefore worthy. I gave a knowing glance to the 'chair' of the debate and she shot back a long-suffering 'this always happens' look. I made sure I respectfully waited for my turn (which everyone should do!) whereas everyone else was all 'YEAH YEAH YEAH I FOUND THAT TOO, ME TOO! WHEN I DID WHAT YOU TOLD EVERYONE YOU ARE PROUD OF DOING I DID IT TOO AND I DID IT BETTER THAN YOU'. It wasn't intentionally snide, it wasn't nasty, but it was over-zealous and immature. We were all teaching assistants critiquing theories and espousing ideals we couldn't possibly have personal experience of. Just be honest, polite and show you care.
    Find a mate in the interview room before you go in and banter with them and you'll naturally support each other during it. I found a dude who I spoke to and when it came to the discussion we agreed with each others points and had some solidarity against the overbearing ones.
    I hope you get some more responses! I hope this helps though. I know when I was looking I was stunned at how little info I could find on the direct experience.
    Congratulations on getting to the interview, and good luck if I don't make it back on here before you post next.

  7. Hi BTBAM,
    I heard back a couple of weeks ago - I got the place, just waiting on the official confirmation now.
    Thanks to you all for the invaluable advice, it was great.
    Can't wait to get going now.

    All the best.


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