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GTP Interview in few weeks at Worcester University any help needed!

Discussion in 'Trainee and student teachers' started by Sarah1987, Nov 5, 2011.

  1. Sarah1987

    Sarah1987 New commenter


    I had the same interview last year although I didn't get a place on the course. Firstly for the written task, it's basically just an essay-type question off the cuff about what you understand about the Rose Review. However I wouldn't worry too much about content, I think the main focus they are looking at is your English skills. In terms of the presentation, I worked with Reception so I just did a talk about the use of play for learning, but I think the more interactive you go, the better. One guy in my interview brought in an example of a resource he had made and talked to us about that which I thought was really effective. You've mentioned using puppets etc, this is a really good idea too and something I wish I'd thought of when I did mine! Overall it is a really tough intense day and you'll probably leave feeling really deflated (I did!) but the staff are really friendly and put you at ease and I found all of the other interviewees really friendly too. Good luck, just relax and be yourself!
  2. Hi claire, i have my interview at Worcester Uni in a few weeks too :) this interview process is so overwhelming don't you think? maybe see you there
  3. Best of luck to you too, when is your interview? How is your preparation goin?
  4. Mine is on Monday 21st Nov, what about yourself? the prep is going very slow, you?
  5. Mine is the same day as yours! I'm getting there with my preparation, taking longer than anticipated though.
  6. Is yours in the morning? i get very nervous when I think about it, i'm not very good in these situations lol and will go very red so you will spot me a mile away.
  7. oh thats a shame :( what time do you need to be there? I think i'm more nervous about the presentation to be honest because other people are in there as well. what do you do?
  8. I need to be there for 12:45 how bout u? I work as a teaching assistant in Early Years, how about u?
  9. 8.45 which is really early and i live a while away as well. I work in a secondary school as a LSP but my heart lies in primary :) where you from? did you apply anywhere else?

  10. where u from then? im from quinton. Have you applied for primary then? yh i applied for wolverhampton but was unsuccessful how about u? Do you know how many people are being interviewed, how many places are there? Have you got a school to do it at?
  11. oh im not that far from you really, i'm from Rowley. yeah i've applied for primary and im guessing you have too. i've applied to wolverhampton and newman, i've got to go do audits for wolverhampton and waiting for a reply from newman. im guessing theres going to be quite a few people interviewed. and i havent got a clue how many people they will accept but not many considering the amount of people that apply. yeh i've got an employing school have you?
  12. yh ive applied for primary too. I know its tough competition isnt it. Have you got a lot of experience? yh ive got an employing school too. what have you got left to do to prepare?
  13. well during college and uni i had to do alot of placements in primary, and ive been working in the secondary school for 3 years but im also at the employing school half a day a week. do you? yeah ive still got things to do. im sorting my presentation as we speak :) are you all sorted?
  14. I've been a TA for several years both agency and permanent places. The school i'm currently at been there nearly 3 years. I know there is so much to do ive just about finished my presentation got to practice to family and friends all week though. Getting more nervous by the day! Think i'm going to work on some interview answers tonight, still got to revise some maths too. How are you finding your presentation?
  15. Not long now, can't wait until its over to be honest. Feel like its hanging over me at the moment but then it will when waiting to hear as well. You got much more left to do? Defintely let me know how it goes. take care
  16. me too! I've drove over there today just to see how long it takes roughy. I just want it all over with now. You will have to let me know how it goes.
  17. how long did it take you? i have to get the train at 7.10 not looking forward to getting up early lol even though i doubt ill be able to sleep. you all sorted now ? whats your presentation on?
  18. how did it go today? How u feeling about it all?
  19. yeah i thought it went quite well, left feeling alot more confident than when i left wolvo. how did you get on. i thought the maths was very easy lol. and my presentation went well too x
  20. i know what you mean its an intense day, does seem like a blur. We had 11, one girl got sent home cuz she had a D in maths. I done my presentation using a puppet and a dictaphone, how about you? x

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