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GTP interview for Drama At Newman Uni

Discussion in 'Trainee and student teachers' started by Mazz83, Feb 13, 2012.

  1. Hello
    I have an interview at Newman University next week. I'm really excited about this as it feels now that I'm one step closer to achieving my dream. However slighlty apprehensive about the 5min presentation I have to do. It can be on any topic, hobby, interests. I can't use props or I.T and it must be informative and teach the audience something.
    Any suggestions?? Anyone who has completed their interview at Newman recently? Would appreciate any information and advice.

    Cheers :)
  2. Contacted Newman today and I dont have to do a presentation. Just a 60 min interview!!! Eeek:-/
  3. Its not as bad as it seems. I had mine back in January at Newman and they really make the effort to make you feel comfortable. Think of it more as a conversation about education. They ask you all the typical questions relating to why you want to be a teacher, what current issues are there in education and questions related to your subject. Your school rep has to ask you a few questions in between (mine was really kind and asked obvious questions like how would you deal with a student under-achieving and she even prompted me to give more detail) so hopefully yours is nice! Once you have chatted for a while they ask you to step outside (I wandered around the corridors as I could hear them and I could'nt face hearing it!). Once you go back in they ask if you have any questions and they they give you feedback on how you have done. At the start they let you know how you did on the pre-selection tests. So you get immediate feedback as to where you fit in.
    I hope this help puts your mind at rest.
  4. Thank you ever so much for your reply - very useful indeed!

    Are there any questions you would recommend asking at interview?

    Do you know if you have a place yet?


  5. No worries and good luck (forgot to mention that in my rambly message)!
    Erm it depends how your conversation goes - I was ready to ask about a second school placement but that was already brought up so I kind of just discussed it further with them. I would try and think of a few and use the conversation to kind of improvise (I know thats not exactly helpful).
    I had my interview on the 20th Jan and still havn't heard anything but I was thinking if they are still doing interviews then they wont let anyone know until they have seen everyone. But I just really want to know now :S
    Anyway best of luck!
  6. Had my interview today. You were right they do make you feel at ease and it certainly is a benefit having your supporting school with you.
    Apparently they will be confirming places nxt week!!
  7. well thats the hardest bit over with!! thanks for letting me know i've got my fingers crossed!!
  8. no news yet, but I emailed Emma and she said the final interview was Friday and that the letters would be sent out early this week. So hopefully in the next few days we wil lfind out!
  9. How did you get on? Positive news I hope!!
    I recieved a letter on Mon 5th March offering me a conditional place in September. So as you can imagine I am over the moon. I really didn't think I would get a place as I had already had a rejection letter the previous week from another provider.


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