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GTP Interview at Havering Teacher Training Partnership

Discussion in 'Trainee and student teachers' started by Jalrezi, Jan 14, 2010.

  1. Hi,

    I have a GTP secondary maths interview with HTTP next week. Could someone who had a similar interview fill me in on what to expect please!
  2. What are you expecting? any ideas?
  3. Hi there!
    This is what the invite email say;

    'You will be interviewed for approximately 45 minutes during which you
    should be able to show an understanding of the working of schools and
    knowledge of the National Curriculum in your subject area and how it
    might be taught in Schools. You will also undertake a non-timed
    written task. We hope to be able to arrange a subject specific
    interview for the same day.'
    They do not say anything about a group exercise and I am hoping they do not spring it on us because it is my weakest area. I know they are several people attending the same interview at the same time.

  4. I hope non of the board are reading. Stating group work is a weak area is not really ideal for potential teachers.
    Essentially they have outlined what you should expect
    1 - Interview to find your suitability to teach
    2 - Subject knowledge (time allowing it seems)
    3 - Understanding of the KS you have applied for
    4 - Written task

    That is the crux of it
  5. Thanks learn_to_love. What do you think the subject interview will entail?
  6. Out of the 40-50 different ones I have seen they generally (suprisingly enough) test the ability of the candidate to show subject knowledge relevant to the KS they are teaching and their understanding of basic pedagogy and or current issues. They may also probe you on your desire to teach that subject.
    This differs to a subject knowledge test.
  7. Went to the interview today. Thought it went well.Will let you know the outcome early next week. Thanks[​IMG]
  8. Glad it went well - have you heard anything yet?
    Can you give us any further details on the interview/written task?
  9. From my knowledge the written task is supplied by the TDA, its a simple question just to test whether you can write in English clearly and concisely.
  10. What questions did they ask? What did you have to do for the non-timed test? Thank YOu

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