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GTP Interview advice

Discussion in 'Thinking of teaching' started by trainee76, Feb 1, 2011.

  1. I have been offered an interview for a GTP placement. Is there anyone who can offer me any advice as to what to expect?
    Many thanks
  2. Hi EB
    You've not said if your applying for primary or secondary. I can only speak about primary experience, specifically with WLP in Surrey.
    It was very informal and relaxed. Four of us were there together, and there were three interviewers/assesors.
    The first thing we did was the scariest - we each had to read a short extract from a children's book aloud as if reading to children. Because everyone was an adult, it was quite embarrasing. I didn't overdo it but tried to differentiate between speech and text. Anyway, it passed quickly!
    Next up we were taken for our individual interviews one at a time and completed maths and english tests before/after our interviews. The tests were very simple. If you have a half-decent grasp of grammar and can do everyday simple maths, you'll be fine.
    The interview itself was very relaxed. I've been in sales for the last 16 years and have had a few tough interviews. This was more of a conversation. The only question that threw me a little was one about how relevant my degree would be. As I am the proud owner of a Sociology degree, the honest answer was "Err.....not very". I offered some waffle about how having a degree shows I can learn independently (vital for GTP) and that studying society in all its forms would be useful inside a school. They asked about current issues in education and I focused on the forthcoming primary place "bulge" and the ongoing confusion about foreign languages in primary. If you've seen the news or read TES, you can take your pick of many many issues! All you need to show is that you are aware of some and have an opinion. There were no trick questions or grilling on the ins and outs of ECM!
    If you are keen and enthusiastic, I think that is half the battle.
    Good luck!

  3. Clive
    Thank you so much for your input. I have an interview for Secondary History GTP. From what you have said however, I imagine the principles are very much the same. I'm guessing that enthusiasm for subject and teaching are going to be key elements to the interview process.
    Thanks again
  4. Hey, where is your interview for? I also have an interview for History GTP next week, with Havering Teacher Training Partnership. There wasn't a great deal of detail in the email or phonecall so I am unsure of what to expect! Excited though, as I have chosen to withdraw my PGCE application due to financial concerns!
  5. Hi, am applying to SNITT (Suffolk/Norfolk). Am waiting to hear from local Partner Schools with interview date/time etc
  6. I too have applied for the secondary ICT SCITT and GTP. I have an interview next week and am very nervous. The interview is in Attleborough, which is quite far from me, 9am start!
  7. Good luck for next week!
    What have you been asked to do? were you given a 'heads up' on what to expect?

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