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GTP Herts uni

Discussion in 'Trainee and student teachers' started by silverdale1766, Feb 14, 2011.

  1. Has anyone else been offered an interview for GTP at herts Uni?
  2. Hi, I've applied but I haven't heard anything yet! How about you?
  3. couldn't stand not knowing any longer so I emailed them.Apparently the letters inviting peolpe for interview will go out at the end of the week. Good luck!
  4. Deb72

    Deb72 New commenter

    I was the same. Kept getting disappointed every time the postman came. Telephoned the Uni today. They said that they hope the letters will go out to everyone next week. Good Luck [​IMG]
  5. I'm also hoping for an interview. Interview is in 2 parts. Do know if they are both held on the same day, as with the pgce interviews.
  6. No, sorry. You already know more than me!
  7. Deb72

    Deb72 New commenter

    YAY. Got interview letter today. So chuffed! and soooo nervous
  8. I got my letter too yesterday, so exciting!! Now to prepare for the interview, hard to know what to expect!
  9. Deb72

    Deb72 New commenter

    as silly as it sounds, I am just wondering whether it is ok to wear jeans to the group interval day?
    im sure other things will worry me as times goes on !
  10. phew just back from holiday and found letter waiting for me too. Don't think I'd wear jeans but wasn't expecting interviews on two different days so shall have to find two different outfits!

  11. flimsynight

    flimsynight New commenter

    Hi all, can I ask if you guys are primary or secondary? I had the interviews for secondary gtp back in January and still haven't heard anything. They said we'd find out by the end of feb, and I can't believe they've left us waiting until literally the last day!! I'm driving myself crazy waiting for the post every day! I'm hoping you guys are primary, so I won't feel like they've started interviewing more candidates before they've let us know our fate!!!

    As for the interviews, go smart for both. The test is basically a written comprehension to check your spelling, grammar etc and to check you can understand and answer a question. It doesn't matter what you write, as long as it's an answer and it's written well! Then they just check your certificates etc.

    The main interview was quite tough so make sure you are fully prepared. They'll want to know why you want to teach, why gtp etc, as well as testing your subject and curriculum knowledge. I've not worked in a school before so found this quite tough, so if I don't get a place my knowledge of the curriculum will be my downfall!! Good luck to you all. Liz x
  12. Liz
    They are talking about primary so don't worry. I've just been on the pgce interview process and I'm not expected to hear anything until Easter time. They said if you don't hear anything in between time then that's good - you've made it to the final list. The first interviewies for primary PGCE were in January and they are interiewing until April. Also UH have only just found out how many places they will have for next intake. Apparently it is very similar to last year so unlike other providers they are very lucky. My advice would be to take a deep breath and if you've not heard by Friday give them a ring. I'm also appying for the GTP - deadline for applications was 14 Jan and only just receive an interview letter. Thanks for the interview tips. I expect it will be a very long 20 mins.
  13. Hi Liz,

    I wish you luck on hearing back from the Uni. I have the 2 interviews for primary places this month. How in depth was the curriculum knowledge, I have a strong early yeras knowledge but am a little weak for other keystages
    Lorraine x
  14. flimsynight

    flimsynight New commenter

    Hi Lorraine

    Still no news from uni, this week apparantly.
    As I'll be teaching secondary, it was only my chosen subject (science) that they were asking about. If I'm honest I've tried to forget the interview as going over and over it in my head was driving me nuts! I guess it will be slightly different for primary as you cover all subjects, so you might be better asking someone who is on the primary gtp course at herts now?
    For me, they asked what parts of science I might need to brush up on, or how I would go about teaching a lesson on a particular subject, or what makes a good science lesson. They also asked some quite vague questions where I tried to use examples in my answer to demonstrate my subject knowledge a bit more. They were also relating safeguarding/health and safety questions to my subject, which I think might be specific to science as we are in labs doing practicals etc.
    Sorry not to be of much more help, good luck!

    Liz x

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