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GTP Hertfordshire - Still waiting...

Discussion in 'Thinking of teaching' started by flimsynight, Feb 22, 2011.

  1. flimsynight

    flimsynight New commenter

    I had my interview for the GTP at Herts uni in January, and I know they told us we'd know by the end of Feb, but do they have to keep us waiting until the last possible moment??? Its driving me mad!!! Anyone else going through the same torture?
  2. I'm in exactly the same boat. I just phoned home for my sister to check the post and still no letter :-( Last year the letters came during half term..this year no such luck. Fingers crossed to everyone waiting. Not sure what i'm going to do if i don't get on this year.

  3. In the same boat here, spoke to the uni this morning about a primary interview I had on the 24th January, they said they would probably put a stop on my GTTR profile today because they still haven't finished making decisions, so the wait will be even longer.
    I can't image any other profession getting away with this type of mess, I think the excuse that Gove changed the goal posts is wearing a bit thin now, I think they are just disorganised and appear to have no understanding or empathy for people waiting with such uncertainty about their future.
  4. well, the rant must have helped, just got an unconditional offer. Hope everyone else hears tonight we have waited long enough!!
  5. How did you hear?
  6. Got a email at 6:30pm from GTTR to say my status had changed.
    Good luck hope you're not waiting to much longer the whole process has been crazy!
  7. Unfortunately, GTP doesnt go via GTTR so we're waiting for a stupid letter - snail mail is it's nickname for a reason.
    Congrats for getting on the course!
  8. flimsynight

    flimsynight New commenter

    RozlinEve - I called Esme the GTP administrator yesterday and she said she 'hoped' letters would go out in a few days. Seriously, they did the interviews mid-Jan, then they knew the allocations at the beginning of Jan. How can they possibly not know who they want to offer/reject by now???!!!!
    At the test day, when they said we'd find out by the end of Feb, I thought that was a long time and they were exaggerating. Well that told me.
    At least I've stopped stalking my postman for a few days...!
    PS - What subject are you? I'm Science/Physics.
  9. flimsynight

    flimsynight New commenter

    *they knew the allocations at the beginning of Feb*
    All this waiting stress is muddling my brain!
  10. That's ridiculous. I found a flat but can't put an offer down if I'm on the course as I can't afford it. If its a no from hers and I lose the flat too I will not be happy at all. I'm English. They kept my college waiting since December for her pgce offer. She found out last week. Its all so unfair really. Good luck.
  11. flimsynight

    flimsynight New commenter

    Hubby just got home from work early and texted me to say the letter was there!! Had total panic attack wondering whether I should get him to open it. Eventually decided yes, so called him to open it, and it turned out it was a letter asking me if I was interested in a retirement apartment. Great. Must ask hubby to check postmark before letting me get excited again...!!!
  12. How did you do?

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