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gtp hartlepool

Discussion in 'Trainee and student teachers' started by paylou, Feb 28, 2011.

  1. hi there,
    ive just got a place on gtp in hartlepool with em direct and wondered if anyone else is doing it there?
  2. Hi Louise

    thought i would reply to this thread even though i have already replied to you once!

    I got a letter in half term telling me i had a place on the course but they could not offer me a school yet becuase schools have not received their budgets yet........they advised me to approach schools myself in the meantime so i have been sending out letters.

    I have already had 2 knock backs from schools that i have approached. As i feared some schools will not even entertain taking trainees on becuase most ae having to find savings. I know the new Govt want training to be done more in school rather than through PGCE courses but they seem to be making that very difficult if they are going to cut schools budgets!

    Really anxious about it all now. Just want to get a school secured then i might be able to be happy about it all!

  3. Hi Andy, how's it going? I have a few interviews in schools so there are heads who are interested.
    Budgets are due in Leeds at the end of the month so we might have more luck then.

    Lots of schools have said no to me too but keep trying.

    It's so tough, I'm so happy to be on the course but can't celebrate until I start in sept!

    Hope you find something soon.

  4. Hi Jem.
    Not bad. Just been getting more letters sent out to schools this week. Feel like i need to be pro-active about it.

    Had 2 schools say no already. One said they could not offer training but didnt say why exactly and the other said it was basically too much of a responsibility to take on in the current climate. I think that kind of response is going to be pretty common with schools who have never worked with EM direct before.

    I noticed on the Em direct site a few weeks back that they were having a second round of recruitment. I cant understand how they can do that when they are struggling to get schools to commit to the scheme?!

    Anyway ill see what the next few weeks bring. One head that i know said they expect to have their budget in the middle of march but they are possibly facing up to having less money to spend. I just hope schools can see the positives of having a GTP student and that the government backs them with the money they need.
    Keep me posted about how you get on.

  5. Hi again Andy. This must be so frustrating for you. Have you approached all the schools in Hartlepool and are you doing primary or secondary? I def know two primary schools that have taken on gtp students last year although like myself already worked there. I can tell you which ones if you have not already wrote to them all.
  6. Em are only recruiting for people who have their own support school now. All the consortium places have been filled.
    If schools budgets are tight the last thing they are going to do is shell out 5 k for additional staff!
    Also the Tda haven't announced the amount of salary grant yet so that might not even exist after all this.
  7. i have approached about 6 where i live in stockton and have started approaching hartlepool schools.one of the schools i had a knock back from was in hartlepool and i know of another that cant take anyone on.
    Didnt really think i should name them.

    if you wouldnt mind you can email me the schools that you know if you want.
    address is andyhenson22@googlemail.com

    its primary that i am doing.

  8. Hi, you could try Brougham, Eldon Grove and S.Cuthberts, i know they have taken gtps before. Good luck!
  9. Hiya, I've been offered at place on the gtp in Hartlepool by EMDirect. Are you primary Louise?
  10. Hi Jane Yes i'm primary and i'm doing it at the school where i currently work. How about you? Are you already working in a school and i'm trying to think if you were at the interview i was at but I can't remember. If you were I was the one who had lost her voice!
  11. Hi Louise, Yes I remember you (and your small voice) I was second last for the interview. I'm doing it at the school where I currently work too. I'm glad to have already met someone then, wonder if any of the others got a place? Jane
  12. Hi Jane, Yes Its really good to know someone else who i have already met is doing it. Im still trying to work out who you are and i have got it down to the lady who was pregnant or the lady who had been working in a youth centre. You will have to enlighten me? I am looking forward to starting and am wondering when my welcome pack will arrive. Have you received one?
  13. Louise, I'm neither of those, nor the one with the witches gear ha ha. I was sat opposite you - blue suit. I remember your school too. Will have to find a way to contact one another. No I haven't heard anything yet, but the school has. Just finishing the HLTA, so once that's over I'll try to get my head around this. Jane

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