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GTP Firm offer of funded place - Need to find a school by the end of March!

Discussion in 'Primary' started by Simmer1, Feb 10, 2012.

  1. I was wondering if anybody could offer some advice.
    I have just received some fantastic news in the post today that Worcester Uni has offered me a funded place on their Primary GTP course beginning in September 2012. They have offered the place under some conditions mainly surrounding securing a placement school before the 30th of March, which is obviously no time at all!!
    I have been working in a primary school as a volunteer along side my job for the last year but I have received the impression from staff that they won't be able to host me as a trainee due to financial implications. I still need to approach the head and confirm this, but I want to have my facts straight about what it means that my place is 'funded'. Does the school have to provide some of my 'unqualified teachers salary'. If so, how much etc? As if it is because they are struggling for money as a school, then I could go to them with numbers and try and figure something out.
    If my current primary school can't be my provider then what is the best way to secure a school? Should I write to school's headmistress/ masters, or just ring straight up and ask to speak to them, or visit? Obviously with a limited time frame I need the most direct and professional approach. Is there any data bases that give details of schools in my area (Worcester) which may offer year places for gtp?
    I feel a bit in the dark and sense that I need to move fast so I don't loose my place!
    Any advice is very appreciated!

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